Litter box mat

5+ Best Cat Litter Mats That Prevent The Spread Of Cat Litter

Finding cat litter on carpeting, clothing, furniture, even your bed. is, well, disgusting. That’s why every cat owner searches for the perfect litter mat that will attract litter off their cat’s feet like a magnet, the second he leaves his litter box. Is there a perfect litter mat? Here are five (actually six!) that come pretty close, according to the cat owners who have tried them.

The iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper is a good mat for messy cats with a multi-layered bottom piece that prevents any possible leaks. It is similar in design to the Blackhole Kitty Litter Mat , that also gets great reviews, but iPrimio has smooth holes that are a bit larger in the top layer for easier cleaning and it also has a waterproof EVA foam bottom layer in case of leaks. A nice feature of the mat is that, for very messy cats, you can sandwich a standard puppy pad between the layers to provide even more protection. My biggest issue with the mat is that is is one of the smaller mats on our recommended list (only 32′ by 23′) but it will fit most single cat boxes and not take up excess room. I also found it a bit more awkward to clean than other mats on this list. If you are looking for more protection than simply catching stray cat litter, the iPrimio is a great option.

2. Pet Fusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

The PetFusionSmartGrip Litter Mat is very popular among cat owners. As of this writing, the mat has about 4500 customer reviews on, mostly excellent ones. The PetFusion is also large enough to surround a single cat litter box and the mat material holds the litter. Many comments focus on the ease of cleaning the mat using a broom, a vacuum, a sponge, or even just a shake or two. It is much easier to clean than most other mats on the market.

One feature which may interest you is that the PetFusion is made from FDA approved silicone which does not contain Phthalates & VCM, chemicals potentially harmful to your cat.

You’ll find the material is smoother than many mats, making it easier for cats to walk on. Some cats really don’t like the bubbles and holes in the other mats and end up jumping from the box right over the mat onto the floor. The PetFusion SmartGrip has a clean, modern design, and It comes in your choice of 6 pastel colors .

3. Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat

If you are looking for a small, simple mat that works well at catching kitty litter, the Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat may work well for you. The mat comes in Medium (24″ by 15″), Large (30″ by 24″), and Xtra Large (36″ by 27″) and in three colors. The Purr-fect Paws is easy to clean; you can roll up the mat and shake the litter back into the box, you can shake it outside, or even put the Purr-fect Paws in the washing machine, making it very easy to clean. I love that you do not have to vacuum or hose down this mat. This mat is very low muss and fuss and works well at catching litter. It is also less expensive than some of the other ‘best mats.’

4. Jumbl Paw Shaped Cat Litter Mat

The Jumbl Paw Shaped Cat Litter Mat very effectively traps litter but unlike many mats, it is also soft and squishy — very gentle on paws. Bright and cheerful in a playful cat paw design, it comes in four great colors. The mat is designed so that you can just shake it out or rinse it to clean. Don’t let the cute look of the mat fool you; this mat definitely works.

It is hard to find a mat that is large enough to effectively trap litter. The Litter Catcher comes in large and extra large. The extra large is almost 4 feet wide (at 47 by 32 inches). This mat offers a nice combination of large size and good trapping capability. Though the reviews are, by and large, outstanding, some customers are concerned about the durability of the rubberized material; it may not be the right pick for an active scratcher.

Best Of Them All? Easyology Jumbo Size Cat Litter Mat

After I first wrote this article, I discovered the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat when it was recommended to me by a few readers. It’s a cat litter mat that has almost all five star reviews on Amazon. Some folks had issues with the durability of the mat; I had issues with the size.

Easyology has now come up with the Easyology Jumbo Size Cat Litter Mat (it is 47 inches by 36 inches). I highly recommend it. I t’s made of a heavy and durable PVC plastic so it is easy to vacuum or rinse off. It can also be used as a handy mat throughout the house. More than 1,300 reviewers have rated this mat very highly. I personally found the Easyology Jumbo Mat to be well made and large enough to work well at keeping kitty litter mess under control. I love the larger size and like the overall look of the mat. I’d love it if this mat had a bottom layer useful as a lining, but for the price, I think it is a great cat mat.

When it comes to choosing litter mats, you have to take the size of your cat’s litter box into consideration, as well as the material of the mat. More than one mat may be necessary to cover the areas where your cat tends to shed litter. Also, many cat litter boxes have more than one exit, so all exits need to be protected.

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Litter box mat

If you need a great vacuum for picking up any stray cat litter, take a look at what we recommend as the best vacuums for picking up cat litter below.

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Article created January 2013 and last updated August, 2017

Large Cat Litter Box Catcher Mat –Traps Scatter For Clean Floors

Litter box mat

Sometimes your feline friend can be your floor’s worst enemy. Now there’s a solution with the Drymate ® Cat Litter Box Mat. Cat litter falls from your cat’s paws and stays on the mat, reducing litter tracking throughout your home. Cats love the feel of the soft, machine-washable material. This durable, machine-washable mat grips the floor and absorbs up to five times its weight in liquids. Patented Zorb-Tech ® anti-flow technology stops spills from soaking through and damaging your floor. Personalized with your pet’s name, the Drymate ® Cat Litter Box Mat is the solution for your cat’s litter mess. Each one is custom made to order and makes a special gift for any occasion! Place your personalized cat litter box mat under any litter box for an adorable way to contain litter and reduce litter tracking. Non-slip backing keeps mat in its place and keeps your litter box secure. Clean up is a cinch; just machine wash like your other laundry. You can personalize your Drymate ® Cat Litter Box Mat with your cat’s name or your own unique message with up to 15 letters, including spaces.

Litter box mat

Most cats feel a need to cover up their waste, and some do that by digging and kicking litter so hard that it flies out of the pan. If your cat is like this, you’re probably frustrated by the mess that perpetually surrounds your cat’s litter pan. Not only is it unpleasant to look at and smell, it’s also very unsanitary. You can resolve this by setting the pan on top of a cat litter mat.

Here are a few of the best cat litter mats available. Click one to visit its Amazon page.

Litter box mat PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

This is currently the best-selling litter mat on Amazon, with over 1,700 ratings for a total 4.5 star review. The Pet Fusion mat is made from soft PVC and is free of vinyl chloride and phthalates. It resists moisture and mildew, which you’ll like if your cat has the occasional “miss” outside of the litter box.

The PetFusion is so soft that cats would rather step on it than jump in and out of the litter box. Anyone with a cat that likes to leap from the litter box knows what a mess they can make, so this is very handy.

You can clean the mat with a sponge or sweep up litter spills with a vacuum. The mat has tiny perforations that help hold spilled litter in place.

The PetFusion mat is available in several neutral colors, including gray, beige, sage and green. You’re sure to find a color that matches any decor.

Amazon reviewers say that the mat is easy to clean and works well at holding litter in place. One issue is that it’s not very resistant to damage from a cat’s sharp claws. This does not affect the mat’s ability to hold litter, though.

Pruven Litter Trap MatLitter box mat

This highly rated mat has a uniquely attractive look. It’s made from a wiry brown rubber material that’s designed to catch 99 percent of litter. The mat accomplishes this with its deeply grooved surface, which most other mats lack. It’s soft, too, so your cat should have no problem stepping on it. Pruven is also made in the USA by 3M, a company known for quality products.

To clean the mat, vacuum it or shake the litter out and back into the pan. The Pruven comes in one of two sizes: 16-by-20 inch or 18-by-24 inch. It’s best to get the larger mat, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.

The mat comes rolled up like a tube, so it may have a crease in it when you unravel it. Some Amazon reviewers say that because of the crease, the mat won’t stick to the floor well. Others had no issues with it. The mat also has a powerful plastic smell at first, but it goes away soon after you open and start using it.

LitterTra Litter box matp EZ Clean Cat Litter Mat

The LitterTrap is a bit more expensive than other mats, but it’s worth the price. At 30-by-20 inches, it’s larger than other mats, so it’s great if your cat is extra messy. It’s made of double-layered waterproof nylon mesh, which is just what you need if your cat sometimes does his business outside of the box.

When your cat steps on the nylon mat, his paws release litter into the fabric. The litter then sinks to the bottom layer of the mat, so it’s hidden from view and won’t get tracked around. You then simply empty the litter and replace the mat. Amazon reviewers say they only needed to empty the mat every week or two. Most reviewers say that they’ve tried other mats, just to find out that this is the only one that works for them.

Imperial Cat Neat and Tidy Litter box mat

The Imperial Cat mat is made from durable, outdoor-style carpeting that’s soft on your cat’s feet. The carpeting repels urine, prevents tracking, and resists fading. It measures 36-by-30 inches, so it’s one of the largest mats available.

Amazon reviewers confirm that the Imperial Cat does stop litter tracking in its…tracks. Even if a cat does urinate on it, it’s easy to clean.

If you use natural cat litter, like pine or cedar chips, this is a good mat for you. It traps natural litters very well, whereas most other mats do not.

One user stated that their cat liked to pee on this mat. If your cat has a tendency to urinate outside of the box, you may want to try a different mat.

LitterMa Litter box matid LMC100 Litter Box Carpet

The LMC100 mat comes from LitterMaid, a well-known maker of automatic litter boxes. It’s made of 100-percent latex foam and polypropylene fibers. It measures fairly large at 27-by-33 inches.

This mat has a ridged surface that’s much like the Pruven’s, although the ridges don’t seem as deep. It’s still very effective at capturing litter, despite this.

The mat is designed to work with any LitterMaid automatic litter box, but it works fine with almost any other box brand.

If you must clean the mat, it’s not machine washable, but it cleans up well with a hose or sponge.

A Cat Litter Mat Can Reduce the Mess

A cat litter matt will help keep your home tidier, cleaner, and fresher.

Your cat has been tracking and spreading cat litter all over your home and you are sick of the mess.

There is litter tracked right across your carpets, rugs and even on your expensive sofa.

It’s unsightly, untidy and unhygienic.

You have the job of constantly cleaning it up.

You want to put an end to all that nonsense now.

Many folks find the best weapon for reducing litter tracking is a cat litter mat.

A mat will not solve the problem completely but it certainly can reduce that mess.

Tracking Litter is Not the Only Problem

Of course, your cat treading litter particles all over the floor isn’t the only problem. It’s in a cat’s nature to cover over their mess.

You know how it goes, they scratch and scratch at the litter in their efforts to cover things up. Invariably some particles come flying right out of the box.

A high sided litter tray may help reduce the mess, but some cats just don’t take to high sided boxes, or are unable to use them. Elderly Cats or Cats with Arthritis may not be able to climb in.

A Covered (hooded) Litter Box has the greatest potential for stopping the litter from going all over your room, but again, not all cats will use a covered box.

The advantages of litter trays with covers are – they give your cat privacy, they contain the litter and reduce Litter Box Odor.

Unfortunately this means they also trap more of the odor inside no matter how frequently you clean them, which is why some cats refuse to use them.

You may find the best solution to be an open litter box with a litter mat on each side of the box, not just where the cat exits.

Alternatively you can obtain a litter catcher mat that is large enough to go under the box and leave a perimeter around the outside.

Some cats, although they always use the litter box, stand a little too close to the edge and so sometimes pee over the side. A cat litter mat can help with this problem.

If there is an accident it’s a heck of a lot easier to wash the mat than it is to clean up your carpet.

There are many brands and types of cat litter that claim to be non tracking, the litter is not meant to stick to the cat’s paws.

Some folks report success, others report poor results.

Even if the litter does not get picked up by the cat’s paws, and so does not get tracked when the cat leaves the box, it does not solve the problem of litter getting kicked out of the box.

Cats generally do not like the type of litter that they are accustomed to being changed.

They may rebel by refusing to use the box.

If you try a non tracking litter, do so gradually. Mix a little with your cat’s regular litter, gradually increasing the amount until you are using only the non tracking.

Cat Litter Mat — A Choice of Sizes and Styles

Most litter catcher mats have deep ridges or another kind of surface that catches the particles.

The mats are also designed to remove litter particles caught between cats paws, this means that the litter stays on the mat and is not tracked over your carpet, or on your furniture or wherever your cat walks.

The mats come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Perhaps the rectangular litter mats are the most practicable, but they are also available paw shaped, semi circular and square.

Simply place the litter trap mat where your cat exits the box. The litter gets left on the mat and not on your floor covering. Every so often take the mat outside and give it a shake, vacuum if necessary.

Most mats are wipe clean or are machine washable, see the manufactures instructions.

litter box mat

Litter box mat

Litter box mat

Make your own for about $10 and see for yourself — a super-simple project a teenager or handyperson can complete in 15 minutes.

Litter box mat

These are 18 gallon boxes, Rubbermaid, or Sterilite brand.

This one is larger and best for all grown cats

Litter box mat

Litter box mat

T he sidewall heights of typical boxes are too shallow for many cats.

1. Many kitties kick litter out of the box when they cover their deposits.

2. Some older or arthritic kitties don’t always aim their streams down past the top lip of a shallow box.

3. You don’t have to bend all the way to the floor to lift it.

4. This box is nearly impossible for even a 20-pound cat to tip over. Most shallow boxes flip easily with weight on the edge and even more so when using a lightweight load of litter.

5. Most boxes are too small.

It’s an open secret among animal workers that a great many pet toys and products are made to appeal to people rather than the pet. I find this true of conventional litter pans and boxes. Most are ridiculous.

«So why not just use a covered litter box from the store?»

Good question, easy to answer.

Covered boxes cause many «going outside the box» problems. And it’s easy to understand why. If you were kitty, you might avoid it also, unless your nose was dead or clogged.

Litter box matLitter box matLitter box mat

Litter box mat

It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive

Litter box mat

This shows a flexible plastic storage box from a WalMart store. It holds 18 gallons (68 liters) according to the label. A man’s sneaker is resting on the lid for a size comparison. You won’t need the lid. This is suitable for kittens.

But even better is this 30 gallon size.

If you have a grown cat or several cats, the 30 gallon one is the right choice.

Litter box mat

Litter box mat

The 18 gallon box is really rectangular. (The photo makes it look like a trapezoid.) For older or heavier cats, you want to make an opening that is about 7 inches (18 cm) wide maximum. Cut a piece of paper 7 inches (18 cm) wide and tape it to the side of the box, centered, as shown here. This will be your template for marking the cuts, for cutting a wide slot out of the side of the box.

Litter box mat

Litter box mat

The best way to cut the opening in the box is with a hot soldering gun. This one has a flat tip for cutting plastic, but any soldering gun tip will work fine. Cutting by melting the plastic assures you that the plastic won’t develop any cracks along the cut, which can happen when sawing.

However, a saber saw (handheld jigsaw) or mini-hacksaw will work if you cut slowly with a fine-toothed blade. These boxes are made to be tough, but brace the plastic so that it doesn’t shake back and forth as you cut.

If a crack occurs when you saw, you can repair it by covering it with a piece of clear package plastic wrapping tape on both sides. On the first box I ever made, I used a saber saw. It cracked so I taped it. and used for several years. It held up fine to washing and bleaching.

Litter box mat

«But isn’t this rather high for a young kitten to climb or jump into?»

Yes. If you have kittens, make a different slot, such as the one shown here.

Litter box mat

They can walk in easily yet very little litter will be thrown outside the box. If mother is also using the box, the wider taper allows her easy entry also.

If all your cats are slender, make the doorway narrower than 7 inches. Vary the opening for your own family members.

Here is the 30 gallon box that I use, except for foster kittens.

I have 2 boxes for 6 grown kitties. It gives them plenty of room to move around and plenty of «tail wiggle» room. And it doesn’t smell bad. Because we often cannot smell the odors in our own homes—we habituate to them—so occasionally ask a friend or relative when they come inside if they can smell «cats.9quot; Otherwise you may never know.

Litter box mat

The 30 gallon box is 31 inches wide, 17 inches tall.

The opening is 5 inches wide, and 5 1/2 inches from the floor. You’ll notice that it is narrower than the one shown earlier. Many kitties today are obese because food is left out and some kitties will overeat, often out of boredom. Some are just natural gluttons. I do not «free feed» but rather feed measured portions at 7a.m and 7p.m. with a very small dose around noon, a «treat dose.» My kitties are all kept at proper weight so should not become ill or die early from diabetes or other «plump9quot; ailments.

I scoop the two boxes morning and evening. I dump the scoopings out back in a brush pit, and believe it or not, deer and crows and raccoons and eat much of it. So far, the bears have left it alone, unlike the clean bird food which has to be put inside at night.

I’ve tried many mats and methods for removing litter from kitties’ feet when they step out of the box. All work to some degree but I’ve settled on these large brown 3M brand mats as the best. They are not inexpensive, but should last FOR years. I use them with the corn crumbles litter that I recommend on my «Near-Perfect9quot; litter link.

And the kitties show no aversion to walking on them, as some cats do to Astroturf door mats, which also work well. And are expensive today in the largest size.

I shake the mats outside or over the box every other day. They can be rinsed with a hose also. One caution: both of mine had an nasty plastic smell in the store, and I am not a person who is sensitive to offensive odors at all. But these were strong—they stunk up the entire room—and were offensive, such as you’d expect only in a chemical factory. I hung the mats outside where breezes would blow across them and a week later, the odor was gone for all practical purposes. I found this inconvenience worth the trouble because of their final good results. Otherwise I would have returned them to the store.

Litter box mat

They make a smaller size than this 24 x 36 inch one, and I don’t recommend the smaller one. Kitties can leap over that one when they leave the box.

These mats are not perfect. I’ve yet to find one that prevents all litter tracking into the room. But they are the best I’ve found so far.

Remember to place your litter box away from kitty’s food and water. Kitties don’t like having their toilet adjacent to their food any more than you do.

Place your litterbox on the same floor of the house that kitty spends most of his time, especially if kitty is older. Climbing stairs isn’t as easy when you’re old.

If you have KITTENS — don’t use clay clumping litters until they are older. You already know that. Best not to use sticky, greasy, clay clumping litter anyway, when you have a much better clumping choice, and one much less expensive, even when you change it all every week.

Regardless of what kind of litter or litter box you use, check out the

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