Megabloks game

Should Halo get a Megabloks Game? (Post-Leaks)

Megabloks game

Halo had a Megabloks game in development that was recently leaked by PtoPOnline revealing a game codenamed «Haggar» was being created by N-Space but canceled shortly after the project started.

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Credits to PtoPOnline for the footage

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Check Out Footage From Cancelled Halo Mega Bloks Game

Lego may be dominating the market when it comes to building-block-type toys, but there is still the presence of its lesser known rival, Mega Bloks, and it has the license to make toys for Microsoft’s Halo franchise. News has it that there was actually going to be a Mega Bloks Halo video game that has since been cancelled, and footage of the game has found its way online.

According to Game Fragger, the game was being worked on by N-Space back in 2013, and it would have been the first kid-friendly Halo game to be available for players. Lego has been raking in cash with its video game deals that have existed since the 90s, so it would make sense that Mega Bloks would want in on that market as well.

The bad news is, that N-Space closed its doors back in 2016, so the Mega Bloks Halo game was shut down as well. An in-depth video has been posted on Youtube by PtoPOnline, and it shows footage on what the game would have looked like, as well as what went wrong with production.

Halo is the massively popular shooter game that was exclusive for Xbox and PC. The game is probably one of the most recognizable franchises in the FPS genre, and even people who have not played the game can still recognize the green armor of Master Chief. Here’s a fun fact: the virtual assistant for Windows 10 is named Cortana, which is a «virtual assistant-type» character that originated from the Halo franchise.

As of now, the next installment in the Halo franchise will be Halo Wars 2, and it will be released this coming Feb. 21. Though the Mega Bloks Halo game did not really see the light of day, there’s still a lot of time for Mega Bloks to come up with a video game franchise that can rival that of Lego’s.

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