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Emily Gold is a Los Angeles based musician who is breaking away from her “dreampop” roots. You can catch her every Tuesday this month at Harvard & Stone where she’ll be performing new material that she describes as LOUD and written for the live experience. Get to know Emily through our interview and guest mix, and don’t miss tomorrow’s show with Bloody Death Skull and Betty Petty!

Can you provide us with some background about yourself and your experience with music? Where did you grow up, what inspired you to start creating music?

I’ve lived in LA most my life, besides a brief 7 year stint in Connecticut from 7-14 and my college days at UC Santa Cruz. I come from a musical family so perhaps that was nurtured in me on a subconscious level, however I was never taught music or pushed to explore it by my dad or grandparents. I just knew from an early age that’s what I wanted to do. In my 5th grade yearbook where you write what you want to be when you are older, mine said “Singer.” I was always drawn towards the arts and performing, I danced and did theatre and choir in school, but it wasn’t until I was 20 that I first picked up a guitar and started writing songs. Music always elicited a strong emotional response for me and I have pretty intense synesthetic experiences with it so as I began to go to shows and festivals I developed a deep painful yearning to create it myself. It’s one of those “it chose me” situations where I had to begin creating music otherwise I probably would have killed myself by now.

You have some awesome song choices in your playlist! There is a strong female presence: X-Ray Spex, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star. Were these women a big influence to you as a developing musician? If you could have any one of these bands play at your residency which would you chose and why?

My first two major influences when I began writing music were Jenny Lewis and Stevie Nicks. Jenny’s songs are very simple to play so they are great learning songs, usually just 3 or 4 basic chords so I learned maybe 2 songs of hers and then just wrote my own melodies on top of similar progressions. I’ve since moved away from the singer/songwriter world and also away from my classic rock roots and am now really inspired by punk and power pop ladies. If I could have any of these women play my residency I would probably choose..ooof…that’s a tough one, either Patti Smith or PJ Harvey cause they are legends but also I would probably not be able to perform cause I would have a heart attack if that happened. (Wow, all my answers end in death…I swear I’m a really optimistic person haha!)

Congrats on your residency! What night are you looking forward to the most?

I am honestly stoked for every single night, I handpicked the line up so there is not a single band I don’t thoroughly enjoy. However I have to shout out my friends’ bands TV Heads and The Bomb who are playing the last 2 nights. They are absolutely electric to watch. I also have a little secret in store for the last night on May 31st so I am very excited for that particular night!

What do you hope the audience takes away from your performances?

I want them to rock out and have fun, simple as that. I was more conceptual and emotional in the songs from my album Recluse, but now I am focusing on writing specifically for the live experience and I just want to get loud! I think my old songs are a bit selfish when performed live, they don’t allow for the connection between audience and performer in the same way the new stuff does.

Lastly, what’s your favorite type of pie?

Coconut creme or lemon meringue…get in my belly!!!


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