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Highland Park duo Haunted Summer is going on tour in support of their new record Spirit Guides. Get to know the band, peep the tour dates and listen to their guest mix.

Can you provide a little background and introduction for Haunted Summer, how the band formed/how did you meet, was it formed before or after you were married?

Haunted Summer was formed on October 2012 at a Halloween covers night at the Echo. We covered Animal Collective under this name. At the end of the set, we were told that we had to create our own songs based on the sound people heard. We wrote our first original song a few weeks later and a EP’s worth of music just poured out within a month or two. We got such a strong response from our EP that we haven’t stopped touring since. We met about a decade before the band formed and were just friends for that time, the friendship grew and we got married in 2013.

Was the band named after the movie Haunted Summer?

The band was named after the Summer of 2012. We both experienced a lot of heavy things to be together that summer, so it only seemed appropriate to name the band Haunted Summer. We never knew the movie existed till after the band was formed, our band name will forever remind us what we got through to make our love and music possible.

If you could set your music to be the soundtrack of any movie, what would it be and why?

Punch Drunk Love. It’s such a strong visual and emotional movie, our music could make a good pairing.

Congrats on your upcoming full length, Spirit Guides! From what I have read the album was recorded in two completely different places, Eugene, Oregon and Joshua Tree, can you explain how that happened?

Thank you! Yes, the record was recorded in many different studios including Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree and Ninkasi Brewing Studio in Eugene. We have been working on this record for over a year, Ninkasi Brewing rented us some studio time at Rancho De La Luna owned by Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal), they also gave us free studio time at the brewery in Eugene. Both studios were amazing and we can’t wait for everyone to hear our new songs.

Do you feel like the two environments lend to the music? I’ve noticed the theme of light and dark play into your songs, would you deem one of these places as the “light” and one as the “dark”?

Environments always lend to our music. All places, people, and things have a light and dark aspect, the desert definitely made our inner light shine on these recordings. On one day we recorded our most psychedelic song, we had Dave Catching (Eagles of Death Metal) and Chris Goss (Masters of Reality, Kyuss) play bass and guitar on this song..the desert and it’s legends made their presence felt. Eugene was special too, being way from home and recording in a distant place always pushes us to take things in and let the music breathe as it wishes.

Ready to get back on the road?! What cities/venues are you looking forward to the most on your upcoming tour? Do you have any tour rituals/playlists/podcasts you like to practice/ listen to while traveling?

We love being on the road. Our music reaching new and familiar fans always feels really good. We are looking forward to the whole tour very much. Some stand out dates would be our first time in Canada on May 7th at The Garrison for CMW Fest and sharing the stage with Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) on April 26th at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS. Some tour rituals on the road include magic, absinthe, and lots of NPR.

What is your favorite type of pie?

Classic apple pie.

Headline = *

April 15th (Monterey, California) Gus Madsack Presents Pierce Ranch Vineyards w/ Steve Ucello *
April 19Th (Santa Cruz, California) The Catalyst Club w/ Annie Girl and The Flightl, Mad Alchemy Light Show and Urban Theory *
April 20th (San Francisco, California) Bottom of the Hill w/ Annie Girl, NRVS LVRS, and Mad Alchemy Light Show *
April 21st (San Diego, California) Soda Bar w/ Annie Girl, The Lulls, and Garden Echo *
April 22nd (Highland Park, Los Angeles) Lilac Sessions Presents The Hi Hat w/ Whispertown, Annie Girl, Brendan Eder Ensemble, and Mad Alchemy Light Show *
April 23rd (Davis, California) Sophia’s Thai Kitchen w/NRVS LVRS*
April 24th (Reno, Nevada) Monolith Reno w/ Our Devices, and People with Bodies *
April 25th (Salt Lake City, Utah) Billboard Live! w/ Barsie, Vinyl Tapestries, and Kitfox *
April 26th (Lawrence, Kansas) The Bottleneck w/ Eleanor Friedberger, andLa Guerre
April 29th (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Blind Pig – Ann Arbor, MI – w/ Minihorseand more
April 30th (Washington, District of Columbia) Tree House Lounge w/ Tigers Are Bad For Horses, Sara Curtin, and more *
May 1st (Worcester, Massachusetts) Ralphs Rock Diner *
May 2nd (New York, New York) Mercury Lounge w/ Kino Kimino *
May 3rd (Chicago, Illinois) Hideout Inn w/ Iska Dhaaf and Pool Holograph *
May 5th (Fort Wayne, Indiana) Tiger Room *
May 6th (Boston, Massachusetts) Lysten Boston Presents Cantab Lounge (Club Bohemia) w/ Austin Corona, Animal Maps, and Mafalda *
May 7th (Toronto, Ontario) Canadian Music Week at The Garrison w/Corners
May 8th Gabe’s Iowa City * Iowa City
May 10th Duffy’s Tavern * Lincoln Nebraska


  • Annuals – Carry Around 
  • Chemical Brothers – The State We’re In
  • Taken by Trees – Lost and Found
  • The Walkmen – Revenge Wears no Wristwatch
  • Happyness – Baby Jesus (Jelly Boy)
  • Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
  • Cornelius – Brazil
  • Liars – Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack
  • Most Serene Republic – King of No One 
  • Feist – Gatekeeper 
  • Amnion – 1 Love 
  • Yo La Tengo – You Can Have It All
  • Camera Obscura -My Maudlin Career
  • Biff Rose – Molly
  • The Concretes – Chico 
  • Vetiver – To Baby
  • Iggy Pop – Sunday
  • Velvet Underground – Ill Be your Mirror 

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