In step from winter to spring a cyclical change is experienced. During this time it is common clean and store all elements of the winter season you will not need until next year, such as blankets, carpets, curtains ... It is good to take this time of change for an energy renovation of home with the help. These Feng Shui energy cleanings, aimed at eliminating or charge density that may have purchased our home spaces are always recommended both periods of change as to close cycles and to promote new projects.

To clean a room, you can follow these tips following the principles of Feng Shui:

1. Put about your house

Check the condition and operation of both facilities and objects, and repair anything that is broken or damaged.

2. Order and proximity

The ideal place to store each object will be as close as possible to stay where it is located, or in a place that has a similar energy. For example, it is positive to keep the blankets in the room itself. Will not, however, place them in the hall, bathroom or cellar.

3. Avoid rooms-storage

That is, those rooms that are only used for storage. Everything you keep in them will be downloaded, or be soaked stagnant energy. The recommendation for these spaces is to find a use, thus preventing them from becoming "stuck" places. Therefore, you do not use that room that can be reconverted into a reading or relaxation, in an area of ​​iron, a sewing room or a playground. In addition to revitalizing energy, you will gain usable space in your home.

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4. Storage yes, but meaningful

In case of storing objects under the bed should be well clean and tidy and keep a relationship with this: sheets, comforters, bedspreads .... It is advisable to keep shoes, luggage and electrical appliances, as well as to distort the magnetic field, are not objects that relate to the type of energy own bedroom (yin).

5. Thoroughly

An energetic cleansing is accompanied by a deep physical cleansing, from the inside out: you must start at the bottom of attics and closets to end at outer and superficial. Cleaning should be global, not only that the season itself. The time of cleaning can accompany a lively music to rise your mood and vibrate for every room in your house.

6. All a

Involucres is recommended that members of your family at this stage of renewal energy, so that everyone involved reviewing and fine-tuning your personal belongings. It is important to understand the meaning of the cleaning process to find positive order, feeling part of a processing cycle and sanitation. The process is certainly much more effective when accompanied by awareness and willingness to change.

7. Sahumerio to clean house

Apart from physical cleaning, also must perform an ethereal cleaning. To do this, once you have rearranged objects and everything is clean and tidy, you can proceed to a cleansing incense or incense. This, being ethereal, clean what is not. You can choose the essence you like to perform this cleaning, being recommended sandalwood, myrrh and rosemary. Once you completed sahumerio you should open all windows and doors for a while to flow all energy inputs and renew your home. It is also advisable to open all taps one minute to accompany this regeneration. Early the next day is recommended to perform again this ventilation to capture the cleanest air in the morning.

8. The perfect closure

Finally, to reload with positive energy your home, it is advisable to organize a party or celebration with family or friends to fill it with joy. You can organize a lunch or dinner and surround yourself with your loved ones to contribute to your home freshness and vitality.

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