With the endless options we have ... and choose the color for the living room brings us head. Logical: the walls are wider area, so much of the limelight lead. And also the color has the ability to instantly transform a space: making it look much wider, warm or cool, bright or sophisticated, for example. Yes, everything depends on the color you choose, the combination of its tones, if only we paint the walls or ceiling also ... Our experts answer us all the doubts that assail us to ask the big question: what color I paint the living room? Notes They know a lot!

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How much light gets your living room and what lighting you have?

They extend light tones and dark dwarf. That is the general rule, but if you want to also earn warmth have to go one step further. If you are looking for warmth betting light colors if you have lots of light and if you have little, by intense. You will gain warmth and harmony, "and Ibizan, white houses despite having much light or English, of intense tones but have little sun"Says Marta de la Torre interior. "Sometimes pints of white thinking you're gonna win light, and you get ice cream".

Illuminated from below. Belén Campos also advises paint with intense colors if you have low light, accompanying lights from the ground, "because the ceiling lamps kill floor colors and make them welcoming".

The floor and ceiling They have a lot to say!

Floor Ideally, choose a tone wall that is in the range of this, even if it is dark and the lounge has little light. "effect is created &# 39; box&# 39; which is very cozy, especially if the ceiling is equal"Says Marta de la Torre.


Ceiling If your floor has a normal height, commitment to paint the same color as the wall or a lighter point, according advises Laura Ehlis, to gain feeling of space. But if the rest of the house is white, choose white.

The big dilemma: what color is better off?

Belén Campos recommended "a playlist, a list of your favorite colors. Red, blue, beige ... can be very varied".

¿Intense or not? When you choose your list, consider all its soft -tonos range, medium and intense of each color- and stay with the one you like more of each.

If you like light colors, the stones and white never go out of style. Media blue and gray tones are also perfect

Make color families. Think other colors that go well with each tone your whole playlist and see what you like most or makes you feel better.

Make tests. Do not stay with one without trying it at home. Paints a dab of each color in each of the walls having different light incidence and see how the color changes at different times of day. Just so you know what is the color that will fit better into your living room.

What do I do with the doors and windows?

You can paint them as the wall or highlight them with another color. "But always choose a satin finish. Forget the bright paint". Advises Marta de la Torre.

If the wall is dark, painting the woodwork in a somewhat lighter than the wall or white tone.

If the wall is clear or white, A good idea is to paint gray or beige. Also if you paint the baseboard in the same color (and trim, if any) will be more finished.

If the room is small Like the wall paint them: you will make the space look larger.

Gallery, 9 photos

Ons: What other colors you wear?

Think tones draperies, curtains and accessories like cushions or details. Look for them in colors that combine well with the wall but adds to them a point of contrast so it is not all the same and look like an environment "floor show".

¿Matte or satin?

The finishes are important but so is the wall is perfect. A good putty is essential, says Belén Campos.

?? matte plastic. The finish is more delicate and, being matte, gives depth. But if you have large walls or like modern decor, you can dare a matte glaze water, which is more glossy.

?? Satinados. If you have children or pets You might find it more practical to clean scuffs or stains on the walls, we advised Laura Ehlis.

How are your furniture?

Ideally, create a canvas on which the decoration stand out. The atmosphere will color and breathe.

¿Clear parts? Your range of choice is wide. You can choose pastel colors, medium, intense ...

¿Dark pieces? Forget powerful. For example, dark wood furnishings are not friends chocolate brown walls because everything is plastering. "However, you can play sand painting on wall and making a latte, for example"It gives us an alternative Belén Campos.

What style Tine salon?

A classic room They go well the stone, beiges and grays. And if it's high ceilings and moldings, you can dare with red touches and chocolate.


A vintage salon air where the furniture has a starring role, you will perfect a clear tone. But need not be white. You can choose a blue, green, light gray ...

A current room They will fit white, blue and gray oil. If the furniture have very straight lines can play any color.

Ideally painting the living room in the same range as the rest of the house. Gray, dark and light colors is a favorite

Dare: Do you want more color?

There are areas that fit well with light colors and intense colors ... are spectacular!

?? Open. As classrooms connected to the dining room and the kitchen, loft. Asked intense colors on all walls or any that are not diluted in the environment.

??walls "force". Brick or stone. They have so much presence that need to accompany intense color. Look at color charts and choose freely.

Color tricks to widen the space

You do not have to paint all the walls the same color. Belén Campos committed two adjoining walls painted a darker color and the other two one clearer. If the walls are not very high, we suggest wide and two-color vertical stripes because they raise the ceiling. Need more ideas? Marta de la Torre proposes paint in a neutral tone and put a dot of green water or hot pink on the dining room wall or sofa, take look at her. Or paint a rectangle of a contrasting color on a wall to put a picture up and make more highlight.

Your living room is mini? Play further with paint! Because you can change the perception of space with color and make it look taller, wider ...

lounge modern line with details in pink 1017x1280

Do you see this room? We played with different ways to paint the ceilings and walls so you can see how you can change only the color. Broader, wider, brighter ... Look here, will surprise you!