Decoration, miracles do not exist. But good solutions that seem miraculous. Your kitchen is small and dark? Open it to the hall, hold him borrow a few centimeters and benefit from natural light. The change will be (almost) miraculous.

Same space, same materials

Forget the outdated image of tiled kitchen to the ceiling and porcelain floors. If we open the kitchen to the living room or the dining room it is to gain space and light. And besides, cooking will no longer be a solo act to be a shared experience with yours.

A kitchen in & quot; U & quot; BUILT IN LIVING ROOM

In the walls. The paint will help unify both environments. And you do not need to be special, you can use the same plastic paint room for your kitchen. Yes, choose it himself the same color. Visual continuity will not see space "parceled" and thus it will seem bigger.

And on the ground? Your kitchen appear less kitchen if you do without the typical porcelain. Synthetic floating parquet is a good alternative: it is suffered and easy to maintain. If you still prefer tile, choose large pieces. Why? Because the fewer joints see less kitchen will look. But if you do not mind differentiate soil, hydraulic mosaic has a "carpet effect" very decorative.

"To fit the kitchen in the living room, unifies tones and textures. If the room has white and gray, the kitchen must reproduce the same tones"

But a kitchen is a kitchen ...

Evidently. But you can do to stay away from the cold kitchen chef to approach a warm kitchen to share. He thinks it will be in the common area of ​​the house.

Furniture. Just think of the front. It is easy you can maintain the structure of the furniture and suffice to change the doors.

Countertop. It must be resistant to scratches and impervious to stains. He thinks that both the countertop and kitchen furniture will become more lounge furniture and do not want to see impossible to erase spots on its surface. Worth investing in a quality -porcelánica countertop, quartz or laminated high quality- and above all, be consistent in cleaning and maintenance.


Appliances. They are great "informers" that is a kitchen ... What can we do? Paneling refrigerator and dishwasher, for example, and integrate into a microwave oven and storage column to conceal the most. Or, made them look, choose them in stainless steel, as they are much more decorative than classic white.

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Open kitchens: GOODBYE claustrophobia

No smoke or odors: the perfect bell

  • Size. It must be bigger than the plate. For example, if your plate measuring 60 cm wide, installed hood 90 cm minimum.
  • Power. It is important to calculate above which a bell would you ask for a closed kitchen. This formula will help hit: m2 multiplies the kitchen for their height and this figure multiply it by 12. That will be the power for a closed kitchen, so your ideal hood should be above that figure. Exceeds the more, the better.
  • Noise. Invest in a silent bell, it is essential if the hood will share space with the living room. It is recommended not to exceed 60 decibels.
  • Light. Along with a low furniture, will help you cook without abusing the general light, which can be annoying for anyone in the living room reading or watching TV.