That of "when I touch the lottery reformed kitchen" It is a very typical. But we regret to say that the odds of that happening are minimal. And not. We do not pretend derails your dreams. We want to achieve them without having to wait for win "Fat". Debuts kitchen for very little with these 10 ideas of low cost reform that we propose. The best: they are also very fast. So you'll cuisine As soon as you want!

1. Renews fronts of the cabinets, keep the structure

If you want a total makeover of the kitchen without having to throw down a good option is only renew their foreheads. Keep the "box" or structure, especially if it is in good condition, and changes the cabinet doors. It is a much lower investment than completely renovate the furniture, especially if the modules are standard. You can take advantage of, for example, to include modules in high cabinets showcase: the change will be greater and visually aligerarás the kitchen set.

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2. demodé furniture? And color it opens kitchen!

You are happy with your kitchen furniture. It is immaculate, almost like the first day, and has never given you any problems. Or unglued edges or unhinged doors. Nothing. But it looks so old ...

Kitchen with blue and antepecho with hydraulic mosaic tile type

If this situation sounds familiar, are you planning to give a facelift? If you do not want to change your kitchen furniture, because it is quality or do not want to assume the extra cost at this time, you can always renew its image with paint. Furniture glazes can be used on melamine, particleboard or solid wood, sand them is not necessary and can be applied directly without primer. There are two kinds of glazes:

acrylics: Are diluted with water and dried very quickly but do not smell, they are less resistant than synthetics.

synthetics: Composed of alkyd resins and polymers, they are more elastic and resistant to shock, the most suffered option for cooking.

Take the opportunity to change the shooters, so the makeover will be complete. If you do not match the holes for screwing with the old, tápalos with putty, let dry and sand. Then punch for new shooters. And new kitchen!

3. Estrena floor without works

It's possible. Today there are many flooring options that do not require lifting the old floor to install the new one. The only constraint is that the floor is level. From wood and laminate to ceramic, natural stone or vinyl. However, it is likely that in these cases Debas sanding doors and this entails also a cost that will vary depending on whether the doors are current (about 70 € / per door) or recovered (about 100 € / per door), and in this case the process is more complex and expensive the final price.

Kitchen with furniture in white, granite floors and wooden microcemento

If you want to save even this step, you can opt for the microcemento, as the bulk soil tends to increase about 2-3 mm. You must know also that the smaller the thickness, the higher its resistance because the thicker is the layer microcemento, the more likely to crack. Other advantages of this surface to note is that this is a continuous floor without joints, which ensures easy maintenance; You can choose from a wide variety of colors (in Topcret have 35 colors, but you can pitch variations and even create a custom); It is available in 4 finishes (matte, satin, gloss and rustic) and can be restored if cracks appear. Against, is a soil that is scratched and marked with the punches. One of Topcret can cost about 70 € / m2.

Before taking any decision, do not forget to note the mistakes to avoid when changing the soil.

4. Changes the color of the walls

It's an easy reform can do yourself, economic and incredible transformer result. Simply paint the kitchen of another color to look like another. It is best to choose an acrylic paint because it is resistant to moisture and grease. Before painting apply a sealant layer against moisture.

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5. Paint the tiles

Do you have tiles in the kitchen and you're tired of them? If you do not want enfrascarte works, you can paint them and see your kitchen is transformed with little effort. All you have to consider is to choose a special enamel tiles. Regarding colors, values ​​the predominant tones in the countertop or kitchen furniture, to make the whole look more integrated. If in doubt, an option that never fails is white: it is light, visually "hygienic" and never goes out of style.

6. renews the counter and transforms the kitchen

You will be surprised how it changes the kitchen by changing the counter. The possibilities are enormous, and the range of prices. You will achieve a tighter budget if you consult offers large surfaces such as Leroy Merlin or Ikea.

Open kitchen with brown furniture to office

Wood: It is the warmest option, but also the most delicate, because it is sensitive to water, shock and scratches. The more density has more moisture and resist cuts, but price will skyrocket.

Natural stones: Are one of major materials for its uniqueness counter (no two equal pieces), hardness and longevity. In addition, the color range is very wide and may be chosen (completely flat) or flamed (rough) polished finish. If you choose marble, you should know that is more sensitive to stains, being a porous material.

compact quartz: These counters are the result of an industrial process where natural quartz particles with polyester resin are mixed, obtaining an agglomerate of high hardness. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of colors. The only "but" they can be sensitive to high temperatures.

I porcelain: Uniform tops are very strong, durable and resistant to direct heat, always keeping as the first day and protecting their colors. Moreover, they are resistant to water absorption and to all types of stains and corrosive agents.

Stainless steel: It is waterproof, shock resistant and high temperature. However, it is not advisable to choose a polished finish that scratches are inevitable. If you are looking for an industrial aesthetic, do not hesitate. However, it's a pretty expensive option.

7. Install a antepecho: decorates and protects the walls

The area of ​​fires is usually the most sustained throughout the kitchen. The best solution to protect it from grease and splashes is a parapet. If you are also thinking of renovating the counter, you can choose to play both elements. In any case, the most common materials for their good performance are steel or synthetics. If you want a more original choice, decántate a front or etched glass tinting.

8. Strengthens light: and there was light!

A successful lighting will make your kitchen look like another. Ask yourself changing LED light sources. You'll notice immediately on electricity bills because saving energy is remarkable, besides life is much higher (round 50,000 hours), so the initial investment quickly pays (an LED bulb quality around 20 €).

open to office furniture and white lights kitchen

You can also install a LED strips below the high cabinets work area of ​​the kitchen. It is so easy you can do it yourself.

9. Refreshes the valves and saves

Do not hesitate: it is an essential change. All advantages: give a new personality to your kitchen, does not mean overspending is easy to install and, most importantly, it will help reduce water consumption. And it is that new generations of faucets incorporate devices that can reduce water consumption by 50%.

10. Jubila blinds

You still have blinds in the kitchen? Cambínalos for a few screens and see your kitchen takes on a more contemporary look. But not only it is an aesthetic decision, but also practical. The fabric, made of fiber yarns PVC coated glass is not deformed nor discolors the sun and a damp cloth enough to keep it in perfect condition. In addition, just they take up space, being a perfect choice for a few meters. And closed allow passing between 50 and 100% more light than a conventional blind. Still left to decide reasons?

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