There are rooms that do not know why but you're invited to "espachurrarte" on your couch and make time fly until you happen to think that you have not go to the bathroom or feeling a fluttering in your stomach that is not of love but that it's dinnertime And that you've arrived at four p.m! What makes them so requeteagradables? Invisible, but infallible laws: the laws of Feng Shui.

A comfortable sofa and in position to feel good Feng Shui

Not talking about a sofa you've tried in the store for hours to make sure that was all you were looking comfortable (also). But a sofa is made from materials that will bring comfort, like having a wooden structure upholstered and soft as cotton or wool.

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But, in addition to materials, something very important to consider is where the Situes. It must be supported on a wall. Feng Shui for no sofas that are placed in the middle of the room, with no support behind, and less if they turn their backs to doors and windows work. To feel good at 100% we to see the whole room when we sit and access control. Psychologically it is important because it helps you relax and "control" around us.

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The gift of flow

Jorge Drexler sang to define that girl dancing like air and hopelessly enamored who watched her. Well, the same is just what the Feng Shui seeks to happen in our living room. In this case, the girl is the energy that must circulate freely without hitting any obstacles.


How do I get there? Placing the furniture following the bagua map, ie, forming a closed figure and making sure nothing is obstructing the very volume steps.

Place the various parts without creating right angles between them so that the life energy (chi) flow freely and provide welfare

Light has an embarrassment in terms of Feng Shui

You are right. Not just install a light in the middle of the room. The salon asks a set of lights. From hanging lamps on the table to table lamps on side tables, dressers and lamps or even on the floor.


The idea is to create a scenario with different light bulbs. All warm and not directly impinge on who is close to them.

Colorín without colorado

So, it depends on how you paint, good stories never end up in your living room. Among the current color trends, these are the Feng Shui colors: white egg, stone, sand and taupe. Tones clear but not cold. Always warm pigments. But beware! that no parts stand out garishly over the others because, according to Feng Shui does not allow relaxing colors.


Nor do you have very dark tones, as sad and generate negative emotions. There must be a balance between all the colors chosen. Thus, you will achieve a chromatic harmony that will provide vital calm.

Do they have no home?

That's what you'll end up screaming your guests if you sit at a round table, because, according to Feng Shui, it is best to enhance human relations and facilitating communication.


But beware! provided they are not glass. Glass is not a friendly material: produce discomfort because diners tend to be aware of not giving a blow unintentionally.

Everything in its place and everything clean

Yes, Feng Shui does not let pass even one. A space that generates sense of chaos will not be a place that invite to hang out at him. Is your recommendation? We have often cited: check everything you have, get rid of what you do not use and give everything that you stay a space.


Please note that the looser is that space before and find what you are looking'll keep the order longer. Come on, you go always winning.

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You see, it is not difficult to get a room Feng Shui. Surely yours, it is without you knowing, but if you can enhance it with our ideas, live much better at it.

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