Christmas without a tree is like the day of Reyes without gifts. Inconceivable! For if there is an element that marks the beginning of Christmas, with permission from the lights on the street it is definitely the tree. Larger or smaller, natural or artificial, with new or legacy ornaments, with or without crowning star ... does not matter! The important thing is that the tree does not miss home.

rustic living room decorated with Christmas tree in white and red

But if you are someone who once planted the tree at home you stay looking and thinking how to decorate ... We come to the rescue! Here is a gallery of trees decorated with different styles, types of ornaments, colors and shapes among which surely find your favorite.

Gallery, 15 photos

In this gallery we've put together 15 trees of all styles, dressed in their holiday finery. From the most sophisticated, with flashes of gold and silver, through the most natural decorated with branches and leaves and even more personal, with craft and DIY ornaments. Get inspired by your ideas and let the Christmas spirit do the rest.