Remember those rooms cherrywood? Will those wenge furniture? Some time that their nemesis took away the throne and seem to not want to leave. Yes, white and light wood furniture decorate a more natural homes, but the pieces are brightly colored or dusty, along with pickled and worn furniture, which fill them with style. Revives old to give your house color and personality.

Shabby chic romantic air

If you define your style are warm, sweet and feminine spaces in your home will fit the pickled finishes and the most handcrafted pieces.

Cupboard painted pink with blue background (00349180)

Colors? White and palest shades -empolvados, better- flax, sand, pink, blue or green. And to accompany them, decóralos with details like crystal chandeliers, old mirrors, flowers ... get a sophisticated look.

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Need more retro? More color!

Pieces of the past and vivid colors will give you a 100% vintage air. Among the colors that you can use, you can opt for the green in all its hues. And besides: yellow, lemon mustard; blue or turquoise; orange, curry nude; red, crimson to brown, and black and white. No need to give your pieces a worn finish. Here, also the parts fit perfectly while being old air.

Want to achieve this effect?

Worn wooden hutch in blue (00349169)

  • Handles & Hardware: retrieving them or change them.
  • Remove the old finish with steel wool or sandpaper medium or fine grain.
  • Fix flaws with wood putty, gluing or screwing loose parts ...
  • Dale background color with a first layer.
  • Post the final color with two layers and allowed to dry.
  • Passing etched sandpaper average degree by the zones have more wear.
  • Capstone with sandpaper 00 removes blemishes and erases the boundaries of those areas where you've removed the paint.

Pieces "canvas"

There are spaces that lend themselves to decorate furniture beyond the details. Any ideas? Chests of drawers in different colors, with valances or pieces striped, some combining paint and wallpaper and others floral patterns.

Dressing room with painted cupboards and wallpaper (00345058)

A very original and artistic idea is to bring the stamping painted in delicate strokes on the cabinet paper, as has been done in this locker room lockers.

Gallery, 14 photos

Do you like these pieces? As you will see many more in our gallery. Enters still taking ideas.