Renew the floor is a reform tenfold. Why? Because it is the closest thing brand new floor ... but without moving! Before choosing the material is important that you are clear about what you want to achieve with the new ground: more light, creating feeling of spaciousness, adding warmth, modernize your house ...? Knowing exactly what you are looking for will be much easier to hit with the material and hue.

And yes, it is true that only with a new soil change is radical, but still a little work. So that you do not bring unexpected surprises we've gathered some of the most important issues you should know before embarking on reform: the effects you can achieve, the amount of the removal company to store furniture, incidentals ... and also the pros and cons of 5 different materials and their approximate cost.

Works fair

More and more floors that are installed without having to remove the old pavement. You will see that alone reduced the duration of the reform, debris, dust and noise (very important if you do not silent during construction). But do not be fooled, there is an inevitable part: removing furniture and have the house upside down at least a couple of days.

Unify and amplitude gains

There is no fixed rule, but bet on a single floor for the whole house will look wider. If you unify colors and delete profiles separating each change of pavement will be easier to clean. But what about the kitchen and bathroom? Today, even the wooden floors' That yes, make sure you support moisture- are indicated for these rooms.

What do I do with the furniture?

To change the floor, the furniture should be out of the way. You can do it yourself or hire a moving company that is responsible for all dismantling, crating, move them and store them in your store. The whole process, with a few weeks of storage included, could go for a floor of about 100 m2 about 1,800 €, depending Moving Diagonal. At this price you should add rates permit loading and unloading on public roads, which vary depending on each municipality.

I expected the unexpected

Change the soil is not only changing the soil. Have you thought what will you do with the sockets? Typically renew and put other "matching" with the new ground. This entails an extra cost (estimated 5% of the price of land) which should take into account when making your budget. Another important point, and which often do not like us, are the doors. If you have insalado the ground on the former you are probably have to lower them. The price can vary between 70 and 100? per door, as if they are new (less than 30 years) or recovered, as the process is more complex.

For all budgets

Do not you leave the accounts? Do not despair, there are also good choices for tighter budgets. Large areas of decoration and reforms, such as Ikea, Leroy Merlin or Bauhaus, for example, often have promotions and very competitive prices. If the budget is still shooting at you, you can make up the ground you already have. For example, painting. There are special plastic paints for all types of soils from 20? / M2.

5 to hit formulas

  • Color. Keep this in mind, because a clear floor will light and amplitude; while one dark collect and give warmth to the atmosphere.
  • Texture. Soils with lots of texture and many boards are often difficult to clean.
  • Touch. If you can not decide between a material or other, try it! Take off your shoes and notice his touch in the feet is the only test that gives you a real sense.
  • Resistance. If you have kids, do not hesitate: put a laminate. It's tough, he suffered and endure well the trot of the kids.
  • Weather. If you live in one, nothing better than wood cold zone. But if it is warm, team up with the coolness of stone or ceramic.

1. Wood, the warmest

Before betting on natural wood you should ask yourself the following question: Do I care that is not always like the first day? If the answer is no, do not hesitate, because wood as a natural product that is aging becomes.Provencal rustic dining room in white with wooden floor

Advantage. It is warm to the sight and touch and adds value to any space. It is ecological (make sure you have the FSC or PEFC certified and varnishes used are natural) and can be installed on the floor above, whenever stable. It can be repaired without losing beauty with minimal maintenance and can be a ground for life. If you choose a nailed down stage, forward further stability and minimize it tread noise.

Ceramics Wood is a natural alternative to suffering. It is a porcelain tile that mimics fine wood

To consider. Living matter as it is, is not an unchanging ground, evolving: changes tone, imperfections bumps, scratches ... Before deciding appear, you should appreciate it.

Price. From 75? € / m2 oak flooring Listone Giordano.

2. Cerámico, too? Versatile

If you want a floor SUV, which requires no maintenance and is very experienced, ceramic floor tiles are a very good choice.

Passage area with natural stone floor and wooden beams blank
Advantage. It is very versatile and adapts to any decor thanks to its huge range of designs and finishes that mimic from natural stones to metal or concrete.

To consider. You must live with the seals, although XXL formats (in Porcelanosa there are 3 x 1 m) are already marketed. However, they are more expensive to install and delicate pieces, so it ought to be a professional who is responsible for handling them. Break one of these tiles can get out very expensive.

Price. From 30 €? / M2, depending on the design and format of Porcelanosa.

The new hydraulic

  • Traditional. Traditional hydraulic tiles decorative tiles were pigmented, very strong but porous cement, which made them sensitive to staining.
  • New designs. They are stoneware and thanks to digital printing, reproduce so much ?? true motives and even the "wear" traditional. In addition, they are a much cheaper option. You can find designs for less than 30 € / m2.

3. natural, unique and cool stone to tread

When you are choosing it? When you want a natural, elegant, durable and exclusive pavement, because no two alike. You can choose it in different finishes, from the crude or natural, which is very fashionable, to bright, creating sophisticated environments and "luxury."

Bathroom with large window and vanity cabinet with sink sobreencimera

Advantage. It is a sustainable pavement, non-toxic products or removal or handling are used. It's tough and impact resistant - granite more than the marble-, easy to clean and can be installed over the previous.

To consider. The polished finish loses its luster over time and need to recover polish again. Marble, and especially porosas- -very limestones, are not recommended for cooking because they are sensitive to staining and aggressive products. Granite is more experienced but throughout the house, its marked drawings can become tiresome.

Price. Ivory cream marble Levantina Coto, 60 €? / M2, approx.

4. Laminate, suffered and all-purpose

Do you like the look of wood but are looking for a cheaper and more suffering to stains and scratches option? The laminate is definitely your best choice. But keep in mind that although cheaper, is not as durable as wood.

Bedroom white regal home laminate flooring

Advantage. With the click system is easy to install (in one day can be ready a floor of 100 m2), it offers many finishes and does not discolor by the sun.

To consider. When floating, can produce a "effect drum" walking, can not be repaired and never gets old.

Price. Impressive laminate of Quick- Step, from 27? / M2.

There laminates, thanks to a coating, they are waterproof, ideal for swimming.

5. Microcemento, a continuous floor

It is the perfect choice if you want a continuous floor and unified whole house. And goodbye to the boards! Also, you can even customize the color.

Dining room with large open garden window and floor microcemento

Advantage. It is a continuous pavement and can be installed over the previous -always to be established without lowering the gates, because usually has a thickness of about 2-3 mm. It is important to note that, thinner, the greater the resistance, and not vice versa. Although there is a limited number of colors (in Topcret, 35) can be customized variations. It is waterproof and its application is handmade by hand, so each piece is unique. You can easily repair and comes in various finishes: matte, satin (most recommended option), bright and rustic (with a rougher texture).

To consider. It is not a smooth surface but has water. The walls take on a silky appearance "change" color and brightness according to the incidence of light. It is a shock sensitive materials and can be scratched. And crack with temperature changes.

Price. De Topcret, about 70 €? / M2.