To counteract the effect of a corridor tube lengthened the keyword is compartmentalizing. Lighting, for example, can help. Halogen lamps placed in each meter aisle ends and somewhat closer to the central part (Around 85 cm): to be the least lit corridor ends appear shorter. If you have enough width for placing appliques (over 80 cm), locate them on the same wall. Leave it out evenly or lengthen the passage. If the corridor exceeds meter wide, you can include pieces of furniture: distributed in each zone refozarán division into areas. Very narrow aisle lean on smaller areas to create different elements: several contiguous carpets, paintings grouped in different compositions ... The effects achieved with paint also be very useful. Both paint the wall a darker how to apply on the roof a slightly deeper color than the walls are optical resources that will play in your favor tone.

A library in the hallway

For the hallway, it is sufficient that the library has a background of 25 cm. Yes, you should have about 90 cm in front of it free to move smoothly. Them as is always the most practical option, but in the hall yet, its particularity, more. A good solution is to realize low and integrated into a wooden base. Low libraries are perfect when the receiver connects to the lounge: divide both areas without detracting one iota of light and also adds warehouse space.

If you decide on a bookstore without rear it will be a good choice for its lightness in areas of few meters. Choose it the same color as the walls. Tip: To avoid accidents, secure it to the wall.