Barn doors are the new must in decoration. And that they are not a new design! His authentically rustic look, being a sliding (being perfect for few meters) and versatility to combine with any decorative style the have exalted as one of the decorative trends of this year. Did not you know? We'll discover.

Doors made in USA

Barn doors or barn doors originated in the United States, particularly in rural America. As the name implies, these doors were used on farms because, despite being large, could easily open and close when sliding.

Blank bedroom with sliding wooden door

In fact, these doors were designed so that farmers could get in (or out) of the barn without the cold air slinks out. Unlike traditional doors, with a strong gust of wind they opened wide, these doors guaranteeing a secure closure, protecting the crop or animal adverse weather.

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The decline and rebirth of the barn doors

History and fortune of these doors is closely linked to its origins. With the decline and decay of rural industry, the number of farms dropped dramatically and many were left to their fate.

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In an effort to reduce the number of felled forests to produce wood, different sectors such as construction or decoration, they sought ways to exploit timber and retrieve those old abandoned farms. That's how these barn doors that had been forgotten by industrialization began to colonize current American homes, becoming a decorative element highly sought and prized.

In fact, to become trend was not easy to find these types of doors in Spain as it is a typically American design in Europe had not estilado.

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Recovered and new creation

But how are these doors? The originals were rustic, untreated wood and had a very characteristic horizontal crossbars or in the form of a cross. In addition, of course, be sliding. As for the rail system, it was customary with views fittings and pulleys.

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So were these doors and (more or less) and are, as fashion and new uses have reinvented the more contemporary designs, including glazed, making them lighter. But some elements have remained, such as using wood and sliding system with hardware view, which gives an industrial and vintage look, which is very fashionable.

Ideal for a few meters

When sliding, the barn type doors are a perfect choice for few meters or for extra space at home. And it is that installing a sliding gives up to 1.5 m2. However, if you opt for a slider view, which is the traditional design of these doors, you must clear the wall along which the slide to open the door without problems.

Gallery, 12 photos

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