You'll enjoy their flowers in late winter and throughout the spring, yes, you must plant them in autumn. You perfumarás home with them and be filled with color. Hyacinths, daffodils and tulips are some of the most elegant autumn bulbs. Find here what to do to cultivate them.

Its flowering season is spring, but there are also autumn and Mediterranean species, if you have them inside, bloom even in winter, and if they are outdoors in summer. It is ideal to have it on the balcony. And if he does not direct sun, do not worry; It does well in the morning sun and then shade. You must water it every day a little, the soil is cool, but not too wet.

Its flowers are very showy and perfume, exquisite. It blooms in early spring, even as a houseplant you can also do in winter. It is perfect for pots and planters. As for light, you need light shade and sun. As deplete the land they are, ideally remove and store the bulbs from year to year, for re-planting on new land.

Its flowers are mostly blue, but can also be white. Out in the first half of spring and have a mild and pleasant perfume. They are ideal for growing them in groups under trees or in pots. And they keep well because they are not very demanding with soil. They need sun and some shade.