Or enlarge the windows or change the floor. You can enjoy a brighter room without engaging in costly and troublesome works. We've put together 10 easy and effective ideas that will fill your living room light in the blink of an eye. And give birth to the living room of the house!

white covers

Your sofa is dark? Do not worry, I put it on a diet with a white cover! You will not only put away a few kilos of visual weight, but will achieve the greatest volume of the room capture more light and, in turn, irradiate.

Discordant note

Paint the room walls white and add some contrast, such as pillows or brightly colored plaid with a pattern you like. By contrast, will achieve that white look whiter and therefore bright. That easy.

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A brighter room? LIGHT INÚNDALO 10 clearly IDEAS

light curtains

If you want to earn more light in the room it is basic start by not slow its pace. Choose gauze curtains, organdy, linen open frame or a hemstitch which leave gaps through which the sun strain. And do you dare with a touch of gloss or metallic?

Window + mirror

The mirrors are perfect to give more light to stay. If you place strategically in front of a window to the outside, however small, it will reflect light bouncing off into space.

Blank lounge with fireplace and two twin libraries

If, in addition, furniture or walls are white or light colors, the effect will be greater. So that the light is reflected and expand better, better if you choose an oblong mirror.

Glass table

A coffee table with glass or transparent surface is not visually occupy or be an obstacle to the passage of light.

Gallery, 7 photos
A brighter room? LIGHT INÚNDALO 10 clearly IDEAS

wainscot clear

It is always a perfect choice to dress the walls and protect them from scratches and bumps. If you choose one of wooden slats painted white or beige, it estilizará space.

Bright Ideas ??

metal parts or glass vases are points of light bounce. But all in perspective: not recharge the living room, because the more neutral is the decor, you will have more light.

The Grand 3 to add more light

  • All the white. A "total look", With white floors, walls and ceiling, does not fail. also painted the doors and windows.
  • Glass doors. Transparent or acid, paneled or smooth, the interior doors glass let the light flow freely.
  • Light without brake. Clears the inputs of natural light and let it circulate. Forget bulky furniture and ornate walls.