Size bed, its location, wardrobe, bedside tables ... Everything matters when outmanoeuvre into space. You'd give ideas!

Draw the circle of comfort

Measures matter, of course, but also have the proportions. To ensure that your bedroom is comfortable, you should be able to draw an imaginary circle that includes the bed and a place to move free. The ideal circle should measure about 260 centimeters in diameter. Or what it is the same, include a bed 135 or 150 cm and respect a free space on each side of about 60 cm. The cabinet should be spaced 1 meter bed. And at the foot of the bed must book a passage of about 80 cm.

Distributed from the window

Windows and lockers are next to the bed and headboard, the elements that rob us more space.

Bed with views. If you can, you put the bed facing the window or parallel to it. So, you will increase the feeling of space because you will see in front of you outside.

flush. If you have to replace your windows, you install them with integrated blinds and flush with the outside. If you space allows, you can design an interior sill as a shelf or seat, which will always add storage space.

Details not occupy

One or two. Do not lean your bedroom. Few better quality items that do not meet many very small disordering.

Picture. Placed in front of your bed a single medium-sized canvas, with soothing colors like blue, gray or white.

rugs. Placed one on each side of the bed, the exact width of the passage and a minimum meter. Best in clear and soothing tones.

Furniture joker with more than one function

At the foot of the bed it is useful to leave a gap of about 80-100 cm, which can put a trunk or a stool that can be used as a boudoir or to store linens, blankets ...

A mirror, to gain space and comfort

Put standing next to a wall and gain light and perspective. To be comfortable choose it full length or 3/4. Being arranged vertically, you should always stay above eye level.

Sumar meters with details 

Headboard and exhibitor. Photographs, paintings, books ... are supported on a cushion force as only 20 cm deep.

Cushions and plaids. On the bed does not occupy space and "decorate". Select them raw to gain light and combine them with stones and roses that qualify.

direct light. To gain breadth morning the sun opens the bedroom and installed curtains in light colors and the same color as the walls.

Sofa during the day and bed at night

Custom furniture used in bedrooms with a difficult distribution. Will be useful trundle beds which can hide an extra bed or drawers for storage.

Three ideas to make light

Marksmen.  If you paint the same color as the cabinet camouflages more visually lighten the closet.

On the wall. Sconces on the wall are the option that takes up less space, and very handy for reading in bed.

sliders. Sliding doors are even lighter if they have glass fronts and profiles dyed white.


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