From ideas with fabrics, to other highly decorative to save, save space and make the corners of your home win style. Very easy ideas you can do yourself!

A colorful tablecloth with retales

Brings together fabrics that combine together to make a custom tablecloth. To fit well together should have the same tones. Une offcuts to pespunte until a tablecloth that fits your table; You should hang about 40 cm per side.

Creates an aromatic garden

In baskets, pots or boxes. Fill the house with its freshness and fragrance, they put a note of color and also are useful in the kitchen and some may ward off insects. Place on the window ledge or side tables beside her: are close to sunlight and air flow spreads its aroma throughout the house.

Decorate an entrance with style

Furniture with drawers are very practical in the lobby to keep everything you need to enter or leave. If it is also an old piece as comfortable you'll see in the image gallery, you get a stylish hall. Support her on the wall where less than highlight it obstructs the passage and the maximum: here is placed a mirror, gilded frame and a lush bouquet of flowers. The mixture of glass, gold and mirror creates a still life attracts attention and light.

antique boxes for your secrets

Your favorite photos, postcards, drawings ... keep your little treasures like boxes special to them.

Rope baskets for the smallest

You can buy or make yourself. Small are very handy on the table for books, glasses and mobile, and larger, bedside, very useful to leave the cushions.

Retrieves an old table with paint

An old piece decorates itself. And when in good condition, as this table, it's worth "respect" their original finish. In the Dormitory you see in the image gallery Additional pastel blue table you set the color of the walls and even part of the textiles and accessories. Blue, relaxing and fresh, is very suitable for rest areas. Combined with white and pink stains decoration light and warmth.

A double bed use in small spaces

However narrow a bedroom, with good planning you can find room for everything. In the image you see in the gallery have exploited the two angled walls with a structure as in the form of "L" during the day is a comfortable sofa and evening (and after saving cushions) becomes bed. The lighting has been fixed with several sconces, each 90 cm.

Decorate the shelves with rags and ribbons

With a patchwork of about 2.5 cm and some double-sided tape you can decorate the shelves of your closet. Measure the width before cutting and glue easily. Choose a fabric that coordinates with the colors and textiles of stay.