Few rooms of the house are decorated with more enthusiasm than children and, perhaps for that reason, it is easy to forget that it is also one that greater practical requirements must meet to suit your needs along the different growth stages.

They grow up so fast ...!

How many times have we heard this phrase and yet, we still do not apply to decorating your room? And, although initially only used it to sleep and change before we know it will be your private space in which to play and unleash your imagination. That huge crib and changer that will only be completely obsolete obstacles.

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Design the room so you can grow with the child, with the right parts the largest freely-leaving space and, if possible, transformable. Thus, the cradle can also be your first bed up to 5 or 6 years can use sure- and changing table, a comfortable practice to take his clothes alone.

Farsighted, but not spend

This does not mean that we sin too farsighted and because they grow so fast, we buy them bed of 1.90 m when not even half filled and the desk when not even learned to write his name. Even if you think well make an investment and you forget, the truth is that all you get is leave no room to move comfortably and not feel comfortable in a room that is big. In addition, when it debuts, and this furniture may seem relics of the past.

It's a cinch

What if all those hours playing puzzle cocinitas or just forging a future or next Masterchef computer genius? Children learn through play and design an appropriate space in your room is not a whim but a priority.

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Distribution &# 39; L&# 39 ;, the furniture against the walls will help you free up space even in very small rooms, you may have to opt for special solutions such as high beds which offer or space underneath for play- even folding wall. The alternative: have toys all over the room.

In collecting

Children have an innate gift to take to the last toy place in record time and until one iota soil is not seen. Although convince them to collect usually takes a little more time and effort, there is a huge variety of containers for toys that will throw you a cable. Whatever type you choose, the secret is that they are all at your fingertips and offer enough space. Items with wheels and stackable are particularly practical as they allow enjoy your content anywhere and collected in a corner when they finish playing.

In any case, it is advisable to avoid excessive accumulation of junk that the only thing they'll do is mess up the room, or catch dust under the bed: better a few well-chosen, well in sight and accessible toys.

At ground level

Ceramic put in his room and forget about bumps and blemishes but now you spend the day shaking because catch a cold. Or, conversely, you tremble for poor wooden floor and scratches that appear ... A good-sized carpet is a classic solution that brings comfort and, depending on the design, you can be part of the games. Yes, cotton or vinyl choose them to be easily washed at home.

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Avoid bumps and slips

Do you feel uneasy if you have the kids in sight? Maybe you do not consider your room safe enough. Beyond placing locking systems on the windows and covers safety plugs, analyzes critically space for possible hazards such as sharp edges or elements that can be pulled up. Carpets can also be dangerous if shrivel or slide. To avoid this without sacrificing comfort the child and soil protection, you can choose to place a vinyl floor last generation. Are placed and removed easily, they offer great insulation capacity and extra protection against bumps as well as being available in a variety of designs.

SUV walls

Although many of the wall paintings are &# 39; washable&# 39 ;, according to their labels, many of us have learned from personal experience that capacity does not apply to the colorful murals by our young artists after taking our pen or permanent marker. Health heal with a socket at half height Unleash your creativity: chalkboard paint, vinyls erasable marker pens or even wallpaper specially designed coloring will be your greatest allies in this area.

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Do not be put off

Your room should find it pleasant and stimulate your imagination but that does not mean turning it into a theme park. He thinks that the drawings or characters that can stop now adores find it interesting tomorrow and maybe that race car bed or castle princess not finish combined with his new fondness for dinosaurs or the circus. It is best to create a neutral framework, with clear, bright colors and accents book style bedding, curtains, tables and storage boxes. So it will be much easier to adapt your room as their interests change.

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Ponte a height

Since entering kindergarten, parents begin to tell us that we need to encourage their autonomy. And for that, the furniture must also accompany that, how can they get dressed by themselves if they fail to clothes hanger in the closet or do not see what is in the top dresser drawer? Try to see the world from their perspective and puts things everyday so they are within reach. Decorate the boxes with a garment adhesives containing the names, or when you know read- will help them remember where they have everything and can even be an incentive to order.

Ask stakeholders

The most practical, functional and decorative room in the world will not fulfill its function if it is not to the taste of its occupants. Often we think that because they are small do not know what they want and we chose to decide for them on issues of equipment, colors and accessories. Consult with them before making any decision not only it will save potential conflicts and fights, but it will help your children to get involved in the care and maintenance of your space inside the house.

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