A practical and stylish kitchen gives great pleasure, and is able to pull the vein more "cocinillas" even the least fans of the kitchen. Good distribution, ideas to get everything in order, a new color for the cabinets, window sills details such as antique tiles ... Here you will find ideas to change your kitchen look, whether urbanite or country.

Kitchens Country House

1. Decorated in white and wood

Kitchen with wooden beams pickled
This kitchen you'll find in the gallery, is a design architect&Idea with a plan to have everything at hand where needed storage. The exit to the garden brand distribution and separate kitchen and dining area.

2. Irregular, painted green

rustic kitchen with green water
Now, a kitchen in "U". Maximize the space under the windows and the only blind wall to save. Fronts lacquered in green water by Ignacio Garcia Vinuesa interior of gdev Architects, also integrated appliances.

3. Inspired in Tuscany

Kitchen with white furniture and spandrel area with tiled fires
The kitchen is the heart of this gaditana house you'll see in our gallery. Designed by the owner and architect Eduardo Dorissa, the presence of the target, its sill tiles, floor tuff and work bell preserve the charm of the Tuscan kitchens.

4. Sum of modernity and tradition

rustic kitchen with mansard roof
Under a rustic Catalan vaulted ceiling, furniture fronts steel and wenge and semi-professional appliances are the perfect balance. The result is a cuisine that combines beauty and functionality.

Gallery, 8 photos
Redecorate your kitchen!

well distributed urban kitchens

1. Planned on a front

Kitchen shaped lamp glass globe, gray walls and floor hydraulic
To clear the entry of light and passage. In parallel, a high table makes breakfast bar. Countertop and woodwork white tinge gray walls and furniture, La Albaida. The mosaic floor sets the tone of color. Check it out in the gallery.

2. A large multifunctional island

Mansard roof kitchen with center island white color steel

Gathers water and cooking area plus work surface and plenty of storage. It combines stainless steel furniture and granite countertop (all, Ikea). Beside her, the vajillero and wooden dining table add warmth.

3. With a breakfast bar

Kitchen with breakfast bar
It is handy for a quick meal, do homework or receive guests. Furniture, Doimo Cucine, is light oak with white Silestone countertop. The roof has been lowered to integrate halogen spotlights.

4. Open clarity

elongated kitchen and office glass wall beneath the window
Thanks to the glass wall that communicates with the room. Also avoids the narrow tube effect of the plant and elongated interior Lupe Rebollar distributed parallel. The office is at the bottom, under the window.