When the piles of stuff piled on tables, comfortable or floor which begin to tilt Pisa tower, it's time to find a solution. What do not you be one shelving rack cabinet or closet? Well Join the "shelf-style". As the shelves climb the walls do not detract usable space and also fit into any space at home: from the living room to the bedroom and even bathroom. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Want to see how they look? Then do not miss the gallery.

Gallery, 10 photos

Create a reading area in a dispenser

With only three shelves you can create a reading corner in the living room. Enters the gallery and see how he did decorator Carmina Sanz. He used the passageway to the terrace, integrating the shelves between two small partitions. The lower shelf, 60 cm of soil, will allow you to support candles and pots. And the higher, 50 and 80 cm from the ceiling, shelves books and boxes.

Win a minidespacho in a corner of the room

Look at the office you'll see in the gallery: it consists of three shelves of 1 m wide and 40 cm deep. Small, but enough for the computer, a desk lamp and a couple of shelves for books or binders. This is designed by Jeannette Trensig embedded in a wall opening and is completed with a side table.

Create a headboard with storage site

In a small bedroom any strategy is valid if winning site allows to save. With a pair of wall to wall shelves you can create a headboard like this design Carmen Quirce. To be comfortable and able to support your back when you sit in bed, you must be covered with a wooden board or DM the back of the bed. You must be aligned with the first shelf and hit the ground. Put the second shelf to the first 20-25 cm. And once installed, paint them the same color as the wall.

Domitorio with shelves work as a headboard

Decorate the top of the doors

Stuffed animals and dolls, decorative boxes, small collections of objects ... If you do not have space for them, install shelves above doors. Will serve to expose them without losing meters. So you do not get small space, choose shallow shelves, maximum 20 cm.

Dramatically enhances furniture replaces two shelves

There is no easier, cheaper and lighter option. Choose a thick wood (at least 5 cm) for the display cabinet robust. And to withstand the weight of fine ceramic sinks, it is best to be solid. The lower shelf for towels and gels, which do not weigh too, may be somewhat thinner than the top.

Gallery, 10 photos

Only planned a large closet with shelves

Wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Look in our gallery how to take advantage of every centimeter in the dressing room. The boxes will help you get everything so neat that even Marie Kondo will make the wave.