Meritxell Ribé decorator has opened the doors of his house to recreate in your living room, three Christmas styles. Red, blue and silver and a handmade touch. Which do you choose?

1. In red, a classic forever

Christmas room in red tones

To decorate this room in three different styles we have focused on three key points: the chimney, tree and table. Children in mind, our red room has a touch naive, got details like wool socks Blaubloom or Foimpex houses with lights.

In the chimney, Nordic style green garland and crown Acanto. In the tree, big balls ball type, white and red, Marina & Co balls rattle and tape Foimpex Scrap House.

On the table, Nordic style trays with felt mats Cottage Little House.

2. Details of paper for more personal decoration

Christmas living in golden tones

Prats Roser Marisa Bernal and helped us with the second room, which is decorated with handmade details based on recycled paper.

In the tree Original Flyer cardboard and paper decorating the tree are the work of Marisa and Roser, with materials Scrap House.

In the fireplace Its decor is a tribute to the ancient books. Garland, Marisa Bernal work, is made of recycled book pages. And the cut-stars have served to decorate the mirror. On the ledge we have put old books, Little House Cottage, glass candle holders and wire Acanto and smooth Nordic style.

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In furniture For the coffee table we chose Foimpex rusty trays; Old Cottage album Little House; glass vase and candleholder Nordic style, decorated with ribbons Scrap House. On the dresser, deer Little House Cottage, garland light candelabra Foimpex and Mimub. Nordic style crowns.

3. In blue and silver Christmas fresher

Christmas room in blue tones

From light blue to turquoise, different touches of blue give this room Christmas a different and very special atmosphere.

In the tree Of particular note are big balls in silver and blue ribbons and lingerie. The silver balls are Blaubloom, like the ancient silver medallions. Foimpex blue balls and ribbons, Scrap House.

In the fireplace Sia silver garland and Star Light Little House Cottage. To decorate the mantelpiece have been used candleholder (Sia the silver and gold, of Foimpex blue). Crown mirror is Sia.

In furniture Two large crystal chandeliers, Estudi Meritxell Ribé, have been customized with a ribbon of blue velvet, indigo. white tray, blue bowls and cups, also blue, Nordic style. On the carpet, boxes with Christmas balls Foimpex. And in the comfortable, candleholders Sia and blue stairway with garland light Foimpex.