Who has not faced sometime crippling indecision to choose the living room curtains? If the fabric, if the fall, if the restraint system, if that miss the light (but beware the neighbors do not see us!) ... And that's when often gave up and started thinking in the benefits of a naked window. But no, surrender is never the solution.

So in this article we have gathered all the tips you need to listen to overcome indecision and a full gallery that sure you'll find good ideas for your living room. And say goodbye to the indiscreet windows!

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Hit with fabric: What style looking for your living room?

Before skimming fabric swatches, think what you want for your living room. You are looking for a suffering, discreet and informal curtain? Or do you prefer one that is protagonist of the decor? In the first case, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, are a safe bet for good performance: they fall and if you choose open weave, give a more casual look. Also let in light without diminishing privacy. It is advisable to choose them mixture to facilitate maintenance, since, for example, 100% flax much wrinkle when washing.

But if you want a more sophisticated effect, silk, with games shine, it's a safe bet. To improve its fall, the ideal is lining it with muletón. In addition, thus the proteges of direct sunlight, which could reach "burn" and discolor the fabric. It takes in natural tones and even cakes.

¿Plain or printed?

Smooth always fashionable and is more difficult to tire of a linen curtain on a soft toasted a large floral motifs. However, there is no formula for all will depend on the particular tastes of each.

Lounge with two sofas & quot; L & quot; and two armchairs

What I keep in mind is that the smooth curtains are visually lighter and equally fabric, let through better and more evenly light a stamped. If betting still prints are trend geometric drawings and the wires on white or light background. Valóralo.

Neither short nor too long

Within long there is not an infallible formula. The most common is to add about 15 cm to the length of the window. But if you like the curtains support drag and comfortably on the floor, as we are, then added 10 cm. This also warrant that you should shrink a little after the first wash, the curtains do not fall short.

Gallery, 15 photos

... two better than one?

If you have a lot of light at home certainly two is better than one. But for this combination of two curtains or fall and shade should be chosen to be practical curtain base (or, if you prefer, estor) a lightweight fabric and light colors, which allows the passage of light. And reserved for top thicker curtain fabric and thick so that, when closed, slow down the passage of light and you can enjoy privacy.

The fastening system: matter of practicality

If you have big heavy draperies or curtains, do not hesitate: with rail is the fastening system more comfortable to open and close the curtains. In addition, it is very discreet.

Lounge with two sofas & quot; L & quot; and twin armchairs

If you want to hide the mechanism, you can do so by supplementing it with a gallery or cornice: it will appear that the curtains hang from the ceiling. Bars, meanwhile, are very easy to install and come in countless materials and finishes.

How do I hang the curtains to the bar?

  • With rings. They are the most comfortable option, as they glide very well, regardless of the type of fabric.
  • With eyelets. The rings are incorporated into the curtain. The only "but" It is if you choose a heavy cloth because it could eventually tear.
  • Loops. They are very decorative, because the curtain has been topped with a strip that is moving through the bar. They give a casual look, but usually costs more to run the curtain.
  • With ties. If you want a delicate-looking and somewhat romantic, you hit safe with this option. But as in the case of loops, it is best reserved for decorative curtains of little use.

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