This time we will do better than ever. Yes, this change of wardrobe for the new season we will embroider. You and us. We have put together the best tricks of the gurus of order and inexhaustible wisdom of our expert stylists to make the best change of wardrobe full story and in just one morning!

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First, take toooda winter clothes (or other season, go). Take advantage of the closet is completely empty to clean thoroughly. The next step: storing clothes are not going to use until the next change of season tilpología and in cases or boxes, placed in the upper or less accessible shelves. Now it's time to hang the clothes you're going to put the next months: t-shirts folded to "konmari" vertically in drawers, shirts hanging in the bar, in the trouser pants that are always spotless, shoes sight ... well Follow these steps And to the very Marie Kondo will put ten!