Can I "expand" the kitchen or enjoy a larger room without works? Yes, if you use the magic of light. We have 10 Secrets to get it. Follow us!

1 LEDs on the counter

Place on the counter more outbreaks in the ceiling, locating points of light under cabinets or high shelves. "So comments the architect Luis Garrido will have more light where you make 80% of your tasks, you will increase the feeling of space and avoid glare." Uses LEDs or fluorescent low-power electronic ballasts to prevent flicker and eyestrain.

2 Stay away from the 'cave effect'

"In the living room and forget diffuses light lamp on the ceiling," says Mónica Roibal, Space- LR. The dim overhead light leaves walls and corners, creating a cave that belittles space. Choose perimeter lighting and recessed fluorescent bulbs or around the ceiling. The aim: light bathing the walls to give amplitude.

3 Create several rooms in the hall ... and 'extended' its size

Draw several areas general and spot light. General lighting designs with zenithal lights of large opening (60) and with diffusers perimeter zones that favor the feeling of space. Use to highlight specific elements such as cabinets or boxes lights, you give volume and visual spaciousness in the room.

4 Depth Dining

The secret is to multiply all light sources to create different perspectives and increase the sense of depth. Never illuminate the room with one pendant and adjustable lamp on the table. "A room with a single point of light -we account Erco Iluminación- is a small space without visual horizon, where all end dazzled by contrasting dark areas around". This type of light not invite a relaxed meal and less a relaxed desktop. The solution? It's very simple. You can combine the concentrated light on the table with perimeter lights on the ceiling or sconces on the walls that bring depth and light bathe nearby walls. By modeling the entire space, the dining room will not be limited only to the area of ​​the table. In addition, this will look much wider.

Light drizzle 5

As in lounge if you multiply the points of light in a bedroom, you get more visual space. Michela Mezzavilla, light architect, gives you three secrets: sconces to create a shower of light that illuminate and visually away the walls, LEDs on both sides of the headboard for reading without disturbing and lighting at ground level to draw a trail that loops through the perimeter bedroom.

6 Multiply lamps

To breadth rather than light intensity, you need as many luminaires. In an area of ​​25m2 you can combine up to six different points of light, and make it so that dynamic environments are created. These are the rules:

  • Reserve the spotlight for specific parts (libraries ...). You will generate spatiality.
  • It highlights the large pieces like the couch without light them completely because if you do, "the space will be eaten."
  • And put some light points with beam toward the ceiling or walls. Leaves a wide shaded area to cover small environmental measures.

7 Further game for children

"In a child's bedroom main activity is not to sleep but to play," said Joaquín Contreras, architect of Cercadelcielo study. So the most important in this environment is to be perceived as an open, uncluttered space. To achieve this you need a uniform general lighting to illuminate the entire stay alike. Uses a balloon or translucent ceiling on the ceiling, which radiates light in all directions and does not create shadow areas and glare; something that happens when the lamp is completely transparent.

If the bedroom also has a study area, make sure the table is well-lit. A small flexo, with a 60W bulb, light that bathes the board and a suspended about 70 cm on the table lamps are the perfect combination.

8 Duplicates the bath with the effect of mirrors

"Place a large mirror over the sink is a resource that never fails. Is the first step to instantly multiply the light and space, "says Àngels Hidalgo, interior. Then I light it laterally to avoid creating shadows.

Write down what you suggest Gaudir Lighting: Install either side of the mirror lamps with halogen bulbs with power diffuser; A good trick to soften the factions.

9 Frames desk

A halogen flexo articulated arm light will not lack for work. "But this space is not just the table" reminds us, the architect and lighting designer, Roberto Eleuteri-. also it illuminates the environment with a general light, without shadows and marked contrasts. The study area will have the dimension of what we're seeing. " The spacious and very warm because they will perceive contrasts between the highlighted table and around twilight.

Widen the receiver 10

The trick? Brighten the walls. It placed two or three lines of perimeter light on the ceiling to the walls. And do not flood the roof of dichroic bulbs that only serve to dazzle. The secret is to choose -aconseja Years Light- pockets of large aperture and if they are already installed, replacing halogen bulbs by others with diffuser lenses, Fresnel type, to create a uniform light.


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