Paint can save you from reform. Yes, painting can be the solution to some of these "defectillos" home we want to hide, and will also help enhance their strengths. If you do not want to get into work, but want to make your living room look wider, taller or create your depth in the children's room, ceiling uses color effects. The painting will save you!

Only infinite ceilings with paint

Gain height in the rooms is synonymous with winning amplitude. To create the visual sensation in your home, an effective and economical tool is painting. With proper use of the various products and good use of color, you can make certain areas appear bigger and brighter.

white ceiling, dark walls

In very small spaces, paint a white ceiling will always help visually raise, while dark one will make it look much more softly. If you choose white for the ceiling and you try to offer a contrast through the walls, for example by painting them a dark gray tone, you get accentuate the height of the stay even more.
To counteract the tightness that may occur in elongated spaces, it is best to install spot lighting directed at the walls in order to separate optically placing two rows of halogen to each end of the roof lights.

Vertical stripes

If you paint the walls from top to bottom with vertical stripes visually you get to the roof away.

youth room painted white stripes and rojas_00370982 O

Decorate this occasion only a strip or an entire wall, but not the whole room as it will be very tiresome and you get tired soon. If you do not want to paint, you can also use wallpaper. You know, stripes stylize.

Color gradient or half painted

It's a great idea to decorate a room and make it look higher. If you paint horizontal stripes in the same color brightening the tone as they approach the ceiling, you get that perception. Therefore, a basic rule is always painted with dark colors the bottom of the wall, so that the visual weight on it, so you focus lightened the upper left. Another tip is to choose soft colors, which are not very invasive in small spaces. To make horizontal stripes, mark them with masking tape and begins to paint the bottom roller with pure color chosen, unmixed. See adding white paint base color in each of the strips. Do a test first on a small area and clarifies more if it seems too dark, until the desired tone. The strip closest to the ceiling should be almost white.

You can also use the technique of fashion, halfpainted. To know her better just you have to take a look at our article about it.

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What color I paint the living room? The experts respond

¿Dark house? Give light!

White is the color of light par excellence, because it reflects 100% and results in clear and spacious rooms. That's why its use is recommended in small spaces like the hall. This effect can be further enhanced if, in addition to painting the walls and ceiling of this non-color, a clear furniture is chosen.
Against the pure white can be cold and lonely in areas illuminated only by artificial light, so in this case it is advisable to replace broken tones, beiges and creams white, to provide a note of warmth. Pictured 5 of our gallery you will see an entrance that is wide and warm up to par.

Gallery, 19 photos

The new white

Equally bright and highly topical, lighter shades of gray to white are a perfect alternative for its versatility and the great possibilities of combinations they offer. And, being a neutral tone, coordinates with virtually any other, though, if you are looking for a serene and clear finish, we recommend combination with pure white or pastel colors. Against white, it has the advantage of enhancing the shapes of the pieces of furniture and accessories, avoiding the sense of monotony or lack of depth that can create a monochrome space.

optical effects, but what my eyes!

Trompe l'oeil (French trompe-l'oeil, "deceives the eye") Is a painting technique that has long been used to fool the eye playing environment, perspective and different optical effects, which seeks to enhance specific elements both faking other.

Children's bedroom paint ballet_00446981

Today, it is still an excellent resource to create depth where there is none, either with realistic motives (landscapes, false starts ...) or blocks of color. In this children's bedroom it created a mural that gives another dimension to the room.

Put a brake kilometric hallway

The ability of painting to balance the proportions of a space is a very useful resource when the receiver is actually a hallway. To avoid feeling tunnel is best to choose light colors visually expand it and paint a much darker tone the back wall, which will help shorten the space in sight. The color chosen for this is also important: the warm colors seem closer, unlike what happens with the cold. Sockets halfway up and painted in a darker shade than the walls ceilings are useful in corridors, as well as narrow, they are very high, as they seem to stretch them and make them lower, respectively.

Striped stay in the hall

Combine two shades of the same color on the walls of the hall, a lighter and a darker, allows visually modify its proportions: Stretch open, with lighter shades on walls or elongating lateral counterparts, with the darkest on both sides- depending on how the plant is.
Create a similar effect stripe designs: horizontal visually enlarge sideways and make it seem lower walls, while the vertical stylize.

"Straighten" the meters in your living room

Although we noted an alternative fashionable gray to white-the clear-, in a small room we recommend that you do not break your head and bet on the total look. Painting walls and bright white ceiling will make it look wider and highlight the elements of the furniture you want. If you opt for a completely white room, sofas choose this tone or, at most, beiges, so that the king furniture salon, which usually occupies much visually, not overload the space.

Give personality to a small bathroom

If your bathroom or kitchen are not too large, don&# 39; t worry. Nis happens to most mortals. The choice of white is always there, but we advise you to be more original tad. Take advantage of the wall of the basin is usually a little more light and airy due to the presence of mirrors to paint a more vivid raw or tone. your favorite color never fail and will equip the toilet an exclusive look.

Special effects

Other effects which owns the painting and you can see more accurately in the gallery are these:

  • Effect new furniture: If you do not have to change budget demodé your kitchen furniture, check ingenuity and skill. Arm yourself with a brush and special paint for furniture and paint them. If your walls are white and the countertop, go for dark colors for the fronts.
  • Camouflage effect: If you want a cupboard pass unnoticed, paint it the same color as the wall that receives it. I just betray his shooter, if you have.
  • Effect distinguish environments: If you want to scenes differences within the same space (the office kitchen, for example) nothing better than to paint your wall, or washing walls a different color, in the contrast.
  • headboard effect: You have no headboard in the bedroom and was not expected ... Well painting the wall of the bed of another color and have a headboard that does not occupy one centimeter.
  • stimulatory effect: We know from chromotherapy colors have the power to convey feelings and emotions. Well, paints a world map on the main wall of the playroom and you stimulate the curiosity of the little ones.

Make your bedroom avails you

What we ask primarily a bedroom? Well that is welcoming and relaxing. Paint the walls in a stone or eggshell tone and notice how it becomes warmer and cozier. Yes, let the white ceiling to avoid feeling claustrophobic.

Gallery, 19 photos

If you want to see with your own eyes how colors can transform environments, we invite you to walk through our gallery. His magic will not leave you indifferent. Look what tricks!