The view is lost in the horizon from this vantage point on a cove on the Costa Brava. Table colorful dresses sailors to enjoy a light and very Mediterranean dinner.

Water and salt and sand beach, Mediterranean and summer. Three concepts that go hand in hand and we can feel from this wonderful terrace of the Costa Brava, suspended over the sea, and offers us a unique setting to organize a fishing evening. From here we can enjoy the sea with the five senses, with the murmur of the waves, the smell of salt and taste of seafood.

There is no time of year when the fish feel like more than in summer. And the body is wise: it's so tasty and nutritious as light and healthy. Why was the basis of three of our four recipes.

We buy all early in the afternoon at the fish market of Palamós, very close to here, a real spectacle for fish lovers. In addition to the anchovies for an appetizer, we chose clams for starter and prawn and monkfish for the main course. And we have compensated for their lightness with fancy dessert, caramelized apricot pie with vanilla ice cream to leave a sweet taste in your mouth after eating.

And although the beauty of this natural landscape does not need too many "dressed", we decorated the table with winks fun as fish swimming by the tablecloth, the shells we use as salt and pepper shakers, glass jars with different types of salt or garland flotté bois. All in beige, blue and white, the colors of the sand, sea and waves.

What would be our desire? Time to tie a sailor knot ... that this time never ends.

fresh produce, from sea to table

anchovies. They are one of the ingredients of the recess. These are L'Escala, but if you want to prepare homemade anchovies, buy fresh and marínalos Anchovies with coarse salt and peppercorns. Yes, you need 5 to 6 months before they are ready.

Seafood. As clams and shrimp, are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Very light, just they have calories.

Fish. Monkfish is ideal for preparing skewered because only has a backbone. You can replace it with tuna or salmon.