How many times you've entered a house but perfectly decorated with bulbs hanging here and there? "We still have lamps ...", You've heard. And that choice is not easy lamp. But we are here to help. Put on some music, go to the gallery and be inspired. You will see the light.

If Edison raised his head ...

We would have been rid of all your light bulbs, a few years later, return them to screw in the bulb. Crazy. But they have anything ... They are light, warm and go well in all areas: from the retro to the most minimal. To recover, the carbon filament was changed infinitely more efficient materials. And there they are. You can even change the color and material of the cable (silk, cotton, plastic, Teflon, fiberglass ...).

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With star on the Walk of Fame

Tolomeo flexo speak. What has star? Well, it should. Michele de Lucchi presented it in 1986 and became a symbol of Italian design piece. To keep the screen in position elejida was inspired by a traditional fishing system (seriously) and the thing worked. So that illuminates both houses (many) and offices (many too). And no matter where your favorite. Bedroom, kitchen, study ... always look good.


From earth to heaven

Castiglioni also Italians were the creators, in 1958, another icon lighting: lamp Arco. They made thinking about a formula for hanging lamp that did not require piercing the ceiling. The success was such that even today cousins ​​are coming out.


Versailles to WC

If you are daring and do not go flat spaces, you can consider brighten any room in your house with a lamp tears ... even the bathroom! But no style Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. No. We're talking about remakes. Today, the classic and elegant chandeliers crystals change other parts cascade: spheres, notes, natural elements ...

Spiders return

But much more versatile. Now no longer appear only in dining halls or stately halls. There are great models and others that fit smaller rooms, so you can place them wherever you want. And in style ... no need to be a fan of the classics. In deep blue, transparent glass, candles changing industrial centers ... New versions fit into any style.


Low cost but high impact

For tight budgets, the role does not fail. XL and thousand colors and different patterns, give a lot of play and fit in any room. In addition, its rounded shape is a perfect disseminator of light and texture of the paper, subdued and very soft returns. You can install a single or combined with other piece. Well ... this idea is great for transfer to other models of lamps, such as opening this article.


Geometries also reach lamps and today you can find models "origami" pastel ideal for Nordic environments

And sell materials to

Retro is fashionable. We repeat more than garlic but it's the truth. And so it is in the world of lighting. Retro as we refer not only to old lamps. Also materials: as iron or fibers.


The latter are perfect for outdoor or indoor with some country air. And iron, more industrial style, in any room, but especially in kitchens, because they are easier to clean.

LED: the perfect companion

  • More for less: The great advantage of LED is that it consumes a few watts to give plenty of light. What can save up to 80% on electricity. Choose it for your new lamps.
  • What do you enlighten? You can choose a smaller angle LED (40) if you want a light type "focus"As for reading or working. And with more open to illuminate a wider area, for example, to give birth to an entire room, 120 ° angle.
  • How cold or warm light? To illuminate the kitchen or bathroom, choose pure white light (4500K) and halls or rooms, warm white LEDs better (3000K), which give a more subdued and ambient light.

Gallery, 20 photos

Would you like to see more ideas? Up to 20 we show in our gallery. Enter e Picture them in your home. Sure to find the model that fits you.