Exempt or bathtub with whirlpool function, or wash bend or a large cabinet with lots dramatically enhances capacity. Not because they want to, but because centimeters in your bathroom do not give much. With these keys you can make the most of space and equip your bathroom to be comfortable and practical.

1. Surface: minimal

You have many options to lighten the presence of the counter and dramatically enhances furniture. These are the best proposals.

- Materials. If the revistes with the same material used for the wall you take less visually.

- open shelves. Instead of a conventional furniture, shelves cantilevered installed. They take up minimal space and fulfill their function. Yes, to leave the contents in sight, you must be consistent in order. In this sense, a good alternative are the cabinets glass doors: they are light and, if you choose with smoked finish, the content will be hidden from view.

- Furniture slim. Narrow, ruffles and without top: are the minimum. If you do not have much space under the counter, keep the top in tight furniture (between 9 and 20 cm deep). Where? On the toilet, behind the door ... Enjoy the space above.

2. Sanitary suspended and small

Not only take up less space, but give a great feeling of spaciousness.

- compacts. A compact toilet is between 46 and 48 cm deep-about 6 cm less than the rest. Around you need 80 cm wide and 110 cm free to move along comfortably.

- With concealed cistern. It is lighter in sight, but to hide the tank is necessary to build a wall. You can always take it only halfway up and use it as a shelf.

- Dispenses with bidet. And use your space to save more, for example. If you refuse to renounce it, there are practical solutions such as special fittings that make bidets: are installed next to the toilet and perform their duties in minimum space.

3. Practical and very light Sinks

In your quest to reduce to a minimum should not be exceeded. It is advised to be at least 40 cm wide to make it comfortable. Choose how you prefer to place it:

- Exempt. It is decorative and can make the top drawer of the cabinet (if this is hollow for siphon).

- Properly engaged. There mini designs just 40 cm wide by 22 background. ??

- corner. It is a good resource if space is minimal.

Bathroom with blown wooden furniture

4. Griferías disappear

What is not seen, it does not occupy space. Meet this maxim is easy with fittings. Empótralas. You will gain useful centimeters, particularly in the shower, and everything will be visually clean.

- monomando. These fittings occupy less visible. But if you also want to gain useful centimeters in the sink, encástrala on the wall and free up 10 cm countertop.

- In the shower. You can enjoy maximum comfort without taking up a centimeter more. How? XXL with a sprinkler flush on the ceiling and hydromassage column embedded in the wall.

- Without controls? You can even avoid protruding controls water and gain maximum space. There are models with an electronic panel thermostatic shower.

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DO YOU bathroom is small? 7 Keys To take advantage

5. A large shower that does not take

The same happens with the wash, minimum must be observed for a comfortable shower. In this case, you must measure at least 90 x 90 cm to move comfortably.

- Plate. Ideally, it is at ground level. If you can make the shower work and use the same type of pavement, visual continuity will make the space seem larger.

- Bulkhead. Please select it from tempered glass and minimal profile. The more transparent, less space limits. If you put the shower in a corner, you can opt for a single sheet of glass fixed.

- accessories. If you empotras the faucet approaches the wall to make a niche for gels and sponges. You can also install a cantilevered shelf as a seat.

Bathroom with shower as, dramatically enhances furniture and wooden floors

6. Colors that give light and amplitude

White, beige and light gray. Any of these shades is perfect for mini or little natural light baths.

- Unit materials. If you choose the same type of material -in clear- color walls and floor, your bathroom look bigger. If you want a touch of contrast, bet on the wood. In addition, you'll earn a bonus of warmth.

- Texture trick. Bright touches tiles or multiply the light they receive.

7. Mirrors: the king the container

Nothing like mirrors to enlarge the space. And in the bathroom, even more.

- Large Format. A countertop to ceiling mirror and frameless multiplies the space. If you manage to cover an entire wall, you'll maximize the effect.

- Backlit. Including floodlit choose it and save yourself the space occupied by sconces.

- With wardrobe. If you can not place a XXL mirror because you need that space to store, opt for the mirror cabinet. Or you can join multiple sized furniture with mirrored doors and turn them into a large mirror that also allows you to store everything you need.