As God is my witness ... that I'll never get cold in my room! That was our objective to ask what would be our ideal winter living, especially with the cold wave that has come upon us. And we got down to work, what if we got ... we start from a "normal" room and turn it into a living room (well, in capital letters). Want to know how we see? We'll tell you step by step.

A checkered suit

We start to think about a chromatic range. And unwittingly we traveled to Scotland with the mind. Is it because there is very cold ... and that colors and patterns give us heat Scots themselves. Boilers, mustards, green ... were chosen. Always with a base oil that we do not forget who we are (the cabinet).


Then came the prints: paintings, pictures and more pictures. Big, small, thick, thin ... all worth if the colors fit. And we combine with plain and smooth false so that the result was calm, because serenity is also warmth. And the textures ... winter, of course. That is, wool, velvet, chenille tricot and well mixed in a cocktail of 10.

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loving furniture

With this in mind color guide, we went to choose furniture. What pieces could not miss our perfect room? Sofa oil and embrace, a pair of armchairs classic look a pedestal table to add a point of light, a large rug (colored earth and sooo warm) and a table large center in which to support feet, the tea tray and the book we have half (and in this room so cozy we will end soon). When we found this coffee table, upholstered in quilted with wheels on the legs, we were very happy. It was ideal for our living room!

The icing on the cake

We put everything in place and now we just lacked detail. Well, they were details but were super important to get that feeling we were looking for maximum warmth. And there came the festival. A festival of cushions, blankets and plaids that placed lovingly on the couch and armchairs, are the icing on the cake.


Large cushions behind. Small, front. Some plaids on the arm of the sofa, and other positions as fallen on the seats, like, "I just woke up and have been that way." That's the magic, we will not forget, of lived spaces. It seems that whoever was there a second ago has gone flat so we can take the picture.

A lounge with sparkle

Fire in the living room! Literally! A few trunks, a match ... and the spark! If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the living room, please do not waste it ... Use it if you can every day, if not at least the weekend. Because there is nothing like a winter lounge with the crackling fire as background sound. And with its warmth ... perfect for savoring a moment hygge! To rekindle the flame, it is more practical to have some logs at hand. Not hide, because they are also very decorative. You can have them in a basket of felt, leather or metal.

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The final touch

"That's it, now," she said taking a few steps back and staring into space. No, not yet !, Carmen, our stylist said. ¡Foul turn on the fireplace and put flowers! Of course, what would a room without flowers?