Less than 1 m2. It is the space you need to grow lettuce, tomatoes, carrots or aromatic on your own balcony. And find out what healthy, relaxing and decorative it is to have a garden at home. The essential thing is to choose a place with natural light and well ventilated. But wait! Before you start making landfall you have to answer these three questions.

1. What do you grow?

Starts with something easy According to experts, the aromatic are easy to grow because they have no fruit. Such as lettuce and leafy greens (collards, spinach ...). If you want to go further, go for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants ... if the plants and take good care, you have no problem.

Lee and asks Find (in books, online, in the garden ...) on the most appropriate crops for each season and the care they need.

Cultivation table with vegetables and herbs

2. Where you going to wear?

Do you have a lot or little sun? Ideally corner you choose to place your garden has a south or southwest, to ensure hours of sunshine necessary. If you have direct sun you can plant tomatoes or zucchini. Otherwise, like chard or cabbage varieties that need less light and heat.

If you can not be a table, make minihuertos in pots or bags of raffia or felt and plant one thing in each. In a pot of between 7 and 15 cm high you can plant almost anything

5 to 6 hours of sunshine It is the daily minimum you should have the garden to grow healthy plants.

3. What container do you prefer?

Cultivation tables are the queens of urban gardens. High make you more comfortable work because you have to crouch. There are wooden, very decorative, metal, very resistant, PVC, available in many colors ... And some have wheels, to move them from site easily. The most common measurements are 130 x 50 x 70 cm high (approx).

Keep that in mind

  • A good base. Cover the inside of the cultivation table with geotextile fabric and make sure you have a water intake for irrigation near
  • Soil type. Use a mixture of humus (40%) and coconut (60%) and add perlite, improve aeration of the substrate and moisture retention
  • minimum measures. It is important that you plant the seeds respecting an adequate distance between them (about 25 cm on average) to germinate well

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