If there is a room in your house that deserves your attention (decorative) that is the living room. It is where you spend more hours, which receives more visits and space that, in principle, should reflect your personality. So if your decor is rather bland and boring (zzz ...) that is the image that remains of your house And you! But do not worry, no spark between a room to another with estilazo there are few steps. Dare to give them full of life and your living room.

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They change all the pads

You know we are fans of the neutral sofas. And not just because they are timeless and fit well with all styles, but because they are the best basis to fill the room color with cushions.

But it is not filling the sofa models each of his father and mother, but to choose a style and combine cushions sense. The trick to fit different models is that they have something in common. It can be a very varying pattern of flowers-all or a color -Play with the range of blues, for example.

Another secret so that the result is balanced is combined smooth and printed and cushions of different sizes. But beware, do not overdo it, if you take away the cushions more than sit, then, it is that you have too many.

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The walls speak for you

And while we give color, check out the walls. Are they also gray? Because we do not want to go unnoticed but never say: "Hello I am here, and I'm so intense".

If your living room has light, you can dare with color impact, such as a petrol blue (the image is Valentine). If you need more clarity, opt for a pastel color, that will help you get it. Pink, yellow, mint ... choose it according to your furniture. You'll see no one dares, never to call him bland.

And so the walls are not as decoration of the rest can repeat their colorful cushions (again, cushions) and choose the other elements of materials and enhance the maticen. What never fails? washed wood, fiber and touches of green ... And do not paint vertigo, we tell you how to paint the house and not die trying.


And have a lot of art!

But none of lonely pictures behind the sofa, it no longer leads, illustrations of plants and animals are works of art fashion. It combines several and leave your checkered wall.

So that the composition is balanced, it is best to reproduce a simple geometrical figure such as a square or rectangle, and large sheets mix with other small. Test before hanging composition with pieces of paper the size of the sheets on the wall and you will see how they look before making a hole in vain.

The trick to making artwork stand out more is to choose white or washed wood frames. So the work is the true protagonist.

That put green plants

If your middle name is "kills plants" we recommend that you join the CACTUSMANIA and believe a green corner in your living room by combining varieties of cactus and succulents. They are decorative and easy to maintain: they need natural light and a little water once a month. They are practically indestructible and so you will get rid of your nickname.

For the corner has more vidilla mixing high and low, of different forms plants, and grouped into several mini cactus drawer. And to give movement plays with the levels: Put the largest on the floor, on furniture or medium-sized console and the smallest group in an intermediate shelf.


If you also want to survive they look beautiful and lush put them in clay pots: they will do very well because they retain water and aerate their roots. Do not water a lot and, occasionally, Remove them out to give them air. You can find out which plants are perfect for your home (and yourself) by our test and find your ideal floor.

Create a piece of furniture that you just have

It can be a piece of heritage some typical ramshackle or cupboard that has everyone. When you're tired of a cabinet and you are about to give passport think: I can reinvent it? If the answer is yes, you get an old or anodyne piece becomes a single cabinet.

We tell you how to transform this DIY and customize a closet, cabinet or cupboard, in this case the model Hemnes Ikea. Do not miss it!

Gallery, 10 photos

You see, with a little paint, new cushions, plants or some illustrations have given a renewed personality to the world's most boring room. Want more ideas? In the gallery they are waiting for you.