In the cabinet we want everyone to find perfect solutions for your home. And not everyone lucky enough to live in large apartments or mansions, this time it's the turn of small flats or rooms to those few square meters which so far has not known how to take advantage. That's why we have gathered here not one or two but up to 30 tricks that will help your home look twice. Yes, yes ... they work!


In a few meters, less is always more. Do not make the mistake of filling your home with many small furniture. Better you have less, but bigger and better the more versatile. When in doubt, better one generous two small sofa.

Remember, you are not obligated to anything

Decoration, anything goes as long as you serve. For example, you can dispense coffee table for your living room to grow. Use a pouffe which also will seat and extra table.

Furniture fits your needs

And not the other way around. Choose the dining table depending on who you are at home and not thinking about the "times". In those cases you can extend it with an easel. Ten chairs and only fair for visitors, you can use folding chairs with slipcovers.

separated by sliding door stays with cuarterones

And if you throw a partition?

Many old floors are too compartmentalized. If you have several rooms and are very small, consider throwing a partition. Having fewer rooms, but wider, will give you more sense of space.

Communicate easier than you think

If you can not do without a wall, you can open the top of the wall or make a serving hatch. Sometimes, to communicate two areas simply do without a door.

Unify and Conquer

The floors where each room is a color appear smaller and are chaotic. Best to "grow" is that the main elements, ie, floors, walls and woodwork, share colors and materials.

Three is the "magic" number

Ideally you choose, at most, three base colors and use a greater and lesser extent throughout the house. So the result is more harmonious. Our favorites are white, beige and wood. You should not mix materials: continuous floor with your floor looks bigger. Wood is the warmest option, choose wide slats placed at the windows.

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With a slider, 1 m2 more

Did you know that every time you replace a hinged door by sliding your house grows 1 m2? Place them between closely related stays as kitchen and dining room.

Best embedded. works require more views, since the door is "hidden" inside the wall, but are lighter and take advantage of the space.

Of Cristal. Isolated from noises and smells when necessary without slowing the passage of light. The paneled are the most decorative.

Make space clearer

The white color has the ability to grow environments because it "separates" the walls and brightens. Try it in a narrow hallway without light. If you paint the walls white will seem much larger. If you want to raise the roof, paint the walls and ceiling off-white pure white.

There are many white

Did you know that Eskimos distinguish 30 types of white? Why choose a shade of white is more complicated than it seems. Our recommendation: Powdered white. They are equally bright and have a point of warmth, by incorporating a small proportion of a warm (pink, yellow ...) pitch.

Kitchen in white with bell work

Clarifies the bulky furniture

It is not that all the furniture are white, only the most visual weight, such as cabinets, sofas, libraries ... If you want to "disappear", paint them the same color as the more clear walls better.

Lowers the presence woodworking

Doors and windows frame home. Lowers its presence avoiding the darker tones. You can be lacquered doors in white: its glossy finish also reflects light. In the windows, try to clarify a dark perfilerías with clear curtains.

Deceives the eye

The human eye perceives as an obstacle that remains above eye level. Therefore, you should avoid dark upper parts and you can "afford" more intensity underneath.

If you can not change the floor, cover it

Dark floors also reduce the feeling of space. If you can not change them, tápalos with clear carpets or washing barnízalos a slightly tone ... The change is dramatic.

Combines finishes and textures

For a room decorated in light colors not monotonous and cold plays with finishes and textures. Note that White has the ability to highlight the other colors and materials. Combine it with hot elements such as wood and fiber and the result will be balanced.

The fabrics also "expand"

The upholstery of the sofa is the element with more presence of a small lounge. Choose a clear and smooth fabric and dissimulate your sofa and also be timeless. Doubts because white is "dirty"? Choose a durable and quality for fabric cover and you can wash without problems.

For windows. Interested in few meters light out. Dress windows with lightweight fabrics and engineered and the more clearly better: dark stained light. Choose either the curtains: If the window is small blinds and curtains put more than large curtains also will "steal" part of the wall.

And bedding? If it is clear also reduces the size of the bed. Choose fabrics in white and beige for the base of the bed (sheets, pillows and Nordic) and combine them with accessories such as cushions and plaids of other colors, also in soft colors (pink, green, blue, yellow ...) invite the break.

Take advantage of

No matter how small your floor safe that has some strengths: an original parquet flooring, large windows, high ceilings and moldings ... draws attention to how good it is and thus deviate from some less positive aspects.

attic bedroom with bunk youth

The more light, more amplitude

Do not cover the entry of light. If clarity reaches the entire floor will seem larger, lighter bulky furniture pieces ... Place Arrimadas to the wall and distribute them to the outside, so that your house grow out. And whenever you can, keep the curtains open and the blinds raised.

Think cubic meters

Your floor has high ceilings? Take advantage of them. If you have ceilings over 3 m you can create a mezzanine floor and make room for the work area you need or bedroom when there are visitors. It is also a good option to earn place to save.

Are you missing meters?

Maybe you can convert the balcony or terrace of the space you need to enlarge the dining room or have another bathroom. With an enclosure you get your house grow and have a space with natural light.

Furniture for the hardest

A corner between pillars, the space under the window or irregular odd angle ... By that is a space, as a cabinet becomes a hollow 60 x 40 cm on a bench or storage study area.

The order expands

A tidy house looks bigger. Do not leave things in the middle and store them as soon as possible. If you can not fit more cabinets, put hangers behind the doors and boxes with wheels under the beds. The fewer things you have to look better.

Take advantage of passageways

A corner in the hall, down the stairs or a small distributor ... Converts passageways into useful spaces. He thinks that if you have 2 m2 are sufficient for a reading corner and a closet for clothes home alone needs 30 cm deep.

Use up your favor

magic attics. Do you have a long hallway with high ceilings? It is the ideal place for a loft. You only need 60 cm tall and sales while the effect "tube" of your hallway, sums valuable storage that unburdens the rest of cabinets in the house.

Cabinets to the ceiling. From 200 cm top of the cabinets it is inaccessible. Appreciate as luggage or to store bulky and other seasonal items such as quilts and blankets.

A wall with shelves. It's very handy when you have many books at home. The shelves are lighter to view a large library and also cheaper. You just a wall and 35 cm deep to create a mini-library.

On the doors. In the kitchen or the nursery where you need to store a lot, plans shelves on the door for toys and household items. Refuérzalas to prevent vibration when opening and closing the door.