No need to work, it is possible to renovate the kitchen with minimal expense. We tell you how to make the easiest reform with 15 small changes that will transform your kitchen into a completely new.

1. Update lockers

It is not necessary to completely renovate the cabinets, just change their foreheads to give a new look to the kitchen. It is a much smaller investment, especially if the modules are standard. You can also take the opportunity to renew and install other shooters different style. Make sure to match the holes.

2. Add storage space

If you want to earn more storage, you can take some free space from a wall to install a high modulus (despensero cabinet type). Choose it with glazed fronts if you do not want to overburden the environment. Another option is to support a cabinet shallow on the counter and store in small appliances.

3. Renueva pavement

If the floor is level, you can install on the original parquet flooring. For a place like the kitchen, the synthetic one is more experienced natural, beautiful but delicate. If you want to change the flooring throughout the house, valued option microcemento: applied over old ground and is very durable. But only pays off for large areas.

4. Estrena taps and reduces spending

It is an easy, economic change and give a renewed look to the kitchen. In addition, you can take to choose an ecological model. Which incorporate devices for water saving can reduce consumption up to 50%. If you want to be more practical, opt for a model that has pull-out spout.

5. Changes the color of the walls

Color has the ability to transform the space. Therefore, simply paint the kitchen to look like another. Choose a sturdy acrylic paint to moisture and fat, and a glossy finish that is tougher. Before painting apply a sealant layer against moisture. The most obvious change will be choosing a very different now you have color.