The Mediterranean look we like everything. Without exception. Especially in hot weather. And is that although it is a timeless style, its close link with the sea that gives name it the perfect look to decorate the apartment or beach house. Or, if you're in town to invite the summer to come home. White, blue fabrics and natural fibers, sailors details ... Summer in essence. We discover some of the keys to this style that never goes out of style.

All the white

Or almost. For if there is a color (blue with permission) that defines this style it is white. We see and abroad, with dazzling white facades where color is reserved for the shutters, usually blue, which is a classic of this look.

But also stained white interiors, often whitewashed and casework that blend into the decor to almost disappear. This domain of the target, which is also present in the textile and clothing, creates calm, refreshing and desenfadadas atmospheres.

The sea at home

Without the Mediterranean look white you would not understand. But even without the blue. In all shades splashes of freshness and color: from the softest tones (pale blue, turquoise, aqua ...) to the most intense (indigo, cobalt or lapis lazuli, one of the trendy colors this summer 2017).

Detail of dishes with sea details

The combination of white with blue guarantees a refreshing, cheerful and lively atmosphere perfect to enjoy the mild Mediterranean temperatures throughout the year.

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Light and more light

Light is one the essential elements of this style. Let her go home and flooded environments with their energy. If you do not want to put a stop you can do without curtains, especially if you have shutters in regulating the light at peak times without preventing the breeze strain at home. And if you bet curtains, choose light-colored gauzy fabrics.

Artless decor

Go to essentially shedding baroquisms or aesthetic excesses is one of the keys look Mediterranean. Spaces where nothing is superfluous nor need anything. Comfort necessary.

Summer children's bedroom with double bunk beds and wall construction azules_147312

This results in quiet environments without fanfare, in which a plus of tranquility.

natural materials

Nature, with its vegetation and the blue sea, is one of the backbones of Mediterranean look. Hence a house decorated with this style should be welcoming and, at the same time imitate the best of their natural environment. Terracotta floors, exposed stone walls, untreated wood, linen and cotton textiles ...

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The last? The natural fiber

Chic and natural

The last? The natural fiber

vegetables, fresh and warm fibers

In a Mediterranean décor can not miss the natural fibers. If you like, you use them without fear inside and outside the home. A rattan chair in the living room? And why not? It is a fresh and equally warm option, everything will depend complement with the views.

Symmetrical white room with wooden beamed ceiling

If you do not dare with a piece of furniture, you can always bet on a carpet or supplements (from lampshades, baskets, puffs, curtains ...).

marine details

Starfish, shells, fish, corals, bottles with sand on the beach ... The sea is the inspiration of this style, so one of the resources to move this look flavored saltpeter inside the house is splash ( in perspective) different marine environments inspired details. Tableware with motifs of fish, corals patterned cushion, a tray with shells or starfish as a centerpiece ...

Gallery, 15 photos

Delves into the gallery and be captivated by a style that never goes out of style. Although summer he feels soooo good ...