They are not only decorative, but also Very healthy! We have prepared a ranking of the plants that will make your home a healthier, beautiful and eco-friendly. In addition, we tell you where to put them, how to combine them and look after them, to serve 100%. Breathe fresh air in your own home.

Areca, next to the window is more effective

Place the plants as close as possible light because they need to convert air toxins in non-toxic compounds. Choose a large areca because the ability to clean the air of this palm is proportional to its size. Combine with average plants, such as ivy, philodendron or ferns, or choose a big issue if you have enough space.

How clean? The arecas, 12 to 18 mcg of xylene time and between 10 and 20 toluene. Ivy, benzene and formaldehyde philodendron cleaned.

Plants are a source of health

  • Which are? All plants purify the air although some, such as peace lily, ficus or areca, are more effective. Also they regulate moisture and attenuate the noise.
  • How do they work? Filter made against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) spent our body to breathe. All parts of the plant (leaves, roots ...) involved in the transformation of toxins.
  • Where do I stand? Near the light. They should be free of insecticide, with clean sheets and have an overrun slightly damp substrate. According to NASA, with 1 or 2 plants per 10 m2 it is sufficient.

Dracaena, so after painting

Its characteristic elongated stem and leaf are indicated in newly furnished rooms or painted because they filter formaldehyde and xylene, among others. Place it in the baby's room because it cleans the air of toxic and favors rest. Gratefully and undemanding, there are many varieties of Dracaena. While supporting irregular watering and your tissues retain water. You can combine several or compensate its verticality with a plant fall like pothos.

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10 floors that purify YOUR HOME

Ficus, less noise and allergies at home

Resistant and easy to care for his demeanor are either alone or accompanied by hanging plants or delicate flowers. They grow light and partial shade. Cleaning the harmful substances of cleaning products or adhesives that cause allergies and headaches, and naturally attenuate noise. They need a light and airy to enhance its purifying capacity substrate, since the roots perform important part of the process.

Espatifilo eliminates most substances

Very decorative and easy to maintain, elegant white flowers bloom all year. For its size and its purifying capacity it is suitable for any room in the house. Clean many of the air pollutants such as formaldehyde, in paints and adhesives, which can eliminate between 5 and 15 mcg depending on their size and vitality. It is also effective against benzene, acetone or trichlorethylene.

He cares. You need light to bloom, but live well with little clarity. He likes moisture in the air, so you can spray it with no hard water or put it on wet gravel, but not overwatering. Combine it with plants that enhance their flowers in a set of green and flowery white, with begonias, kalanchoes or mini roses.

White petal flower spike covering is an adaptation of the plant to protect the flowers.

Palmera lounge, helps you breathe better

Parlor palm or chamaedorea elegans clean virtually all air toxics, especially, formaldehyde, xylene, benzene or ammonia, causing respiratory diseases in bronchi, lungs and mucous. Live well both in the bathroom, because he likes moisture, as in the bedroom, which helps you breathe and sleep better. Find a place with filtered light. It is well in plants with small compositions kalanchoe, espatifilo and ivy, providing verticality.

Gallery, 9 photos
10 floors that purify YOUR HOME

Philodendron, for buildings sick

Philodendrons eliminate formaldehyde, a very abundant toxic indoor whose prolonged exposure to low concentration can cause syndrome "sick buildings"With headaches, fatigue, skin changes ... they are vigorous and grateful plants need regular watering and live well with both light and partial shade. Use them to enforce a composition based ferns and pothos, or to create a green jungle aspect wall on the wall. Friends of the trees is the translation of his name from the Greek. It is because in the rainforests climbs trees and can reach great dimensions.

Tapes, remove 96% of the CO

Tubers, leaves and roots, all parts are allied to remove 96% of the carbon monoxide in 24 hours. It also reduces the levels of benzene, toluene and formaldehyde.

Resist all kinds of conditions, from very bright to dim light. Appreciates the abundant watering in hot summers. It is very useful in kitchens where gas is used, and in rooms where many people gather, such as living rooms or dining rooms. Combine it with a porte plants in similar range, like reeds or sedges, or to create contrast with small roses and ivy leaf.

Pothos, debugs most toxic

As hexane, benzene and especially carbon monoxide, causing nausea, dizziness, or headaches. It is also effective with harmful substances such as trichlorethylene or toluene. Live well in living rooms and offices and even in kitchens and bedrooms. It can grow as climbing, if a tutor is placed, or as a pendant, but then the leaves are smaller. Use it to take notes of green in any room or create dense sets along with Kentia, arecas or philodendron. Place it on top of a piece of furniture to hide the corners and make the stay more enjoyable. It combines several on the same shelf and earn verticality and movement.

Ivy, also purifying

Wicker basket with ivy

Ivy small blade eliminates air in 24 hours between 80 and 90% of benzene, present in plastics, resins or synthetic fibers. This is a very resistant plant thanks moisture and grows as climbing or cascaded both sun partial shade.

The cactus next to the computer

According to numerous studies, it is very effective against radiation and electromagnetic waves. Place it near computers, wiring and appliances along with other cacti and succulents. They need plenty of natural light and little water.

Gallery, 9 photos
10 floors that purify YOUR HOME

In the gallery you more of these plants are challenges "medicinal" for your home. Come in and take a deep breath!