Five readers have asked us for advice for decorating your children's room and we have put to work. These are our proposals for each case.

Bunks online study train for two sisters

"I have two girls aged 7 and 9 years old and I want to ride them a study area in your room so they can do their homework quietly." María Galindo. MADRID.

If you have room, ideally mountains two areas (study and rest) in parallel, taking advantage of one and another wall. On one side, a train type bunk beds allow you to place the two girls, and take advantage of the bottom drawers and cupboards. On the opposite wall, a desk with two chairs online serve them study area.

The key to success? Use furniture as: will take advantage every corner and you'll create added furniture such as tables, cubrerradiadores, or shelves. Finally, if you put a good carpet in the middle, it will be his playground.


Differentiate study and rest

"I have a loft with a single window on the roof as my twin room for 10 years. How I can distribute it to maximize light?" Ana Mª Jiménez. SEVILLE.

Create two separate areas: one for sleeping and one study. The study cries out the part that is just below the window. Uses a custom furniture to place a table and wall to wall on one wall, place a rack from top to bottom. For the rest area (if you separate with a wall or furniture, the better), uses pull-out beds or bunk beds.


Online furniture to one side

"I have at home a narrow long room, but with lots of light, and do not know how I can organize the distribution for occupation my little son. Can you help me?" Cristina Espert. BARCELONA.

it's best to take one side of the room and make room on the other so that the child can play and move comfortably. In this case, if you want to include a bright study area, it is best to put the furniture on the side windows, with furniture as suits each corner.


A baby in a little paradise

"I'm pregnant with a girl and I like to prepare your room. The shape is square, but I have not much space. What you advise me to take advantage of distribution?" Lola Serrano. VALLADOLID.

Congratulations Lola! Undoubtedly the most interesting is to book an entire wall to a front of wardrobes. Will come in handy to store things and your daughter will take advantage of greater. On the other side, which probably will place your bed, you can locate your bassinet. Finally, the third wall can fill the shelves and if there is a window, place one flown to use as a shelf.


Three in one: bunk bed, table and closet

"I have two boys, ages 6 and 4 years old, and I would like to share a room where they could play and also make their first duties. How I can organize it?" Rosa Roca. Sant Cugat del Valles.

The train berths are ideal for shared rooms as they can accommodate beds, cupboards and a table for homework. Thus there is room for a playground.


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