To choose the ideal for your kitchen floor, while taking into account criteria of hygiene and durability, it will also have to take into account the composition, color and material because every cooking style corresponds to a given material and there are plenty to choose from . For example, if we choose a floor for a rustic kitchen it is clear that a floor of natural stone or wood will do perfect, but if you opted for one porcelain recommend one matte, slightly rough and stony grounds. The colors depend on the predominant tones in the kitchen, but should never steal prominence to furniture.

If it is a baroque style cuisine I recommend using dark tiled floors, if different parts can be better with the rectified board and with simple but visible motifs on the pieces. It would stone or porcelain tiles, wood or no continuous pavement in this case I recommend. Instead, minimalist kitchens is perfect for continuous floor polished white or light gray concrete (if it fits with the colors of the kitchen) or large format 90x60 matte white porcelain tiles, evidently rectified board.

For kitchens industrial character, ie, with stainless steel benches, the ideal soil is a polished concrete floor but leaving gently see some waters, something imperfect finish. It would also be a linoleum.