Every year the same thing: January 1're all like crazy filling our newly released plans for the new year agendas, and ensuring that this time we will fulfill our good intentions. blissful Blue Monday: the first stone on the road then. And even if we manage successfully overcome, the fact is that day no longer part of one of the most notorious slopes: January damn costs.

Well this year will be no! This year we will stand up from our particular strength: our own home. Okay, we do not have a penny to bring it about, but do not panic: Here you have a lot of ideas for low cost "estrenes" home. Let's go there!

Follows the waste hierarchy

In case anyone does not know it yet, the waste hierarchy is a proposal that seeks to establish habits of responsible consumption: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. Applying this simple rule, we will give a new look to the whole house.

  • reduce: Kill everything that no longer contribute anything. Check out each stay overall and get rid of everything you do not like to see in the middle.
  • reuses: You know that glass jar in which you used to save cookies? Reutilízalo: take it to the hall, put into a garland of LED Lights and show it off!
  • recyclesHow did you like that cajonera bedroom ... Too bad day throwing it arrives. Insurance? Give him a second chance by painting. Try an intense color, personality and look new. Do not you convinced in the bedroom? Trasládala to another room. Move furniture site is often the fastest and easiest way to redecorate the house.

Need more rules? Test with the odd

The world of decoration is full of unwritten rules that help us get more aesthetic environments. One of these standards is to decorate using an odd number of elements. Odd compositions are perceived by our mind more attractive way, so put on that table in the corner of the room three decorative objects instead of two, the result will be more balanced. If in addition to the number also played with different heights we get an even more dynamic.

Nightstand with three objects - slope January 01

Redecorate your walls

Change a wall is a quick and easy way to give a new look to a room. And, most importantly, it does not always happen by having to remove the paint roller. The wallpaper is a great alternative for these situations. At present there are plenty of models that will surely fit your needs. The main wall of the living room can be a perfect canvas for a more artistic role, and the bathroom, thanks to vinyl papers, a challenge to overcome.

bathroom with wallpaper - slope January 02

In addition to the wallpapers on the market other options such as 3D digital fotomurales through which you can have an entire wall of brick without lifting a speck of dust. In this case, as the wallpaper, it is important that the wall is a completely smooth and perfectly clean surface to ensure that the paper is set perfectly.

And if you all this seems too complicated, try vinyl. They come in all sizes and designs you can imagine, and are a great alternative to liven up the hallway that looks lackadaisical or brighten the small entrance where you can not place or a shelf. The advantage of vinyl is that decorate without taking up space, so no cuts.

Headboard changes each month

Yes, you heard right. And for very little money: a pot of paint and a box of chalk. Give the wall a coat of paint slate and headboard can change many times as desired. You just have to let your imagination. Just make sure you have the artistic skills necessary to do so. If not, better handyman tell a friend that you draw.

Give the DIY

If you want to brag about your creations on social networks, yours is the DIY. The options are endless: from creating your own covers for cushions lounge to tejerte a blanket for sleeping. You can also choose to create your own modular furniture with wooden boxes. Grab a few boxes of fruit and give some style, either with a coat of paint, by customizing the background with pieces of wallpaper, just those remains that are left you in the hall and you thought throwing: Remember the rule 3Rs!

Do not forget plants

They are our great allies when it comes to giving new life to the house, mainly because they provide light and vitality, and that revives even the living dead. Large format or mini size, takes to fill your home green.

corner with plants - slope January 03

And do not leave no corner: the plants are not just for the living room, the bathroom will look really nice with some green, and the kitchen reorganices would appreciate some of those shelves crammed and take advantage to place small aromatic plants.

And speaking of green ...

San Pantone, the global benchmark as far as colors are concerned, has been established as the color Greenery 2017. A color that evokes the early days of spring, when nature is renewed and looks brighter. Wow, a green hope invites us to see things less gray and undoubtedly will be perfect to leave behind the happy slope of January. Mediantes house incorporate it in small decorative touches like a vase or a cushion. And if you wake daring, give a layer of color to furniture. Remember to paint the legs of the dining table or chairs will give them a fun and personal touch.

Turn your home into your own art gallery

That wall of the corridor so long sometimes you think infinite is the best place to mount your own art gallery. Grab frames of different sizes and distribute them all over the wall. And to make it all staff, in addition to frame some of your most artistic photos that sheet or your favorite illustrator, try to frame some of your personal belongings.

wooden frame with several framed objects - slope January 04

What this does that necklace that you like? Or you picked up stones on the beach this summer? Now that will be a unique and nontransferable art gallery. In addition, few things give more satisfaction than those made by oneself. Enjoy them! Here are more ideas to take advantage of them and decorate with style.

Takes note and do not be intimidated by the January. This year you will overcome with note and with great style.