Who said child was equal to Nono? This quarter we have created especially for modern princesses as Bianca (and modern princes also of course!) Shows that, sappy, nothing at all! In addition, you'll see how easy it is to decorate a child's room or very stylish girl with no high parts but well chosen.

Nursery girl in Nordic style with light wood furniture and gray, beige carpet and table with chairs

What you need to decorate a nursery like this

The basics: The little bed, wardrobe and comfortable furniture are essential. If you want to choose them achieve this Nordic touch light wood, white, clear or gray with touches of wood.

deco ideas: A small table with chairs its size will be perfect to play and draw for hooooras and hours. In addition, the bed transforms into a little cabin with a mosquito net or riding a tepee on a carpet in a corner of the room. It will be a favorite hideaway!

Animalitos: On the walls, in baskets or crib pads. This children's room becomes a toy zoo, where animals are transformed into plush toys and accessories as soft and tasty.