You're not used to the cameras? He sees this summer training you because you and your house are going to be mainstream. And here you have most of the most of Summer 2017 and, believe us, it traps.

look Mediterranean

Why look mediterranean do you think? Fair. White and blue. white walls, white-washed furniture construction, textiles and details in white and blue ... What is blue? Good news: all are worth.

Semitoma blue armchair in the living room with whitewashed walls

But not only live white and blue Mediterranean look. So it does light, simplicity, natural materials and, of course, marine details.

And speaking of blue ...

Not only in textiles you can use blue. It is so trendy that it colors everything, giving it a fresh and serene air to your house. Azulea parts such as doors, cabinets, paneling, beams, details ... The results are as spectacular as those of this kitchen.

rustic kitchen in blue

fresquíiiiiisimas carpets

Not far from bare soils. What is the plant carpets, ideal for summer because they are cool, they regulate humidity (perfect for beach houses) and are well-to-do with.

white room with natural fiber carpet, white sofa with green cushions, wooden chairs with armrests and exit to the porch

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Summer 2017 trends in outdoor textiles


Summer 2017 trends in outdoor textiles

But there is more in the reign of the fibers ...

Because you can not only use in carpets. Natural fibers will be perfect pieces of furniture, accessories that help you organize (crates, boxes, baskets ...) and decorative details.

And if you really want to put the last of the last, bid for Esparto. Be a tough fiber that was relegated to uses "town" passed to decorate the house with lots of character. An image to whet your appetite ...


Hot destinations

or Forest Days 02 OpenTentDecking

The campsite is fashionable. But do not be scared. No uncomfortable and crowded camping you already know ... but it gives you a unique experience with every comfort, light, water, comfortable beds, Intimacy, contact the splendid nature and unique venues. We enter This summer we go &# 39; gampling&# 39 ;! You will see from vintage caravans to luxurious tents, tree houses, etc.

The Pantone heat

If you blue is not the color you like ... you have many more options, and you would not believe that summer, like spring, is colorful explosion and the 2017 could not be different. Summer palette has colors to suit all tastes: there are energetic, vibrant, bright and relaxing, perfect for lower speed when the body demands a deserved nap al fresco. This yellow is one of them, but there are many more!

Detail outer sofa cushions and yellow plaid, gray and white cushion, hydraulic floor tray and plantas_433263

And next to the most vibrant colors, there is another very cool and trendy range: candy colors. Pastel colors with large doses of white, which makes them bright and fresh. Clear, smooth and fresh trend, have left room for children -in which began coloring reinar- whole house giving vintage air.

Semitoma snack table in the exterior_410907

But beware, do not fall into the trap of believing that they are just kids friendly. In fact, they are perfect for splashing color (and small doses of tenderness) throughout the house. Another point in its favor? Or tired, because they are very neutral tones or go out of style

Outside to enjoy the sun and the moon

The sun, but under cover. Pergolas, the choice of the material that you choose, are a must for summer houses. And you do not need a huge garden to have one. In fact, there are detachable from 200 x 200 cm, although fixed usually measure from 300 x 300 cm. Do these measures do not add up? You can always plan it as, adjusting the centimeter to the needs of your terrace or garden. Here you have an idea bougainvillea roof but if you give a click discover many more.


Although sometimes the simplest corner can be the most charming and the pergola can be a simple vine or a tree with long branches or shade of an inner courtyard ...

It's a matter of choosing comfortable, light and textile pieces surround yourself with plants that make you feel in your own paradise. A fad, this, never, never happens.