The book you were reading has turned out mold and, instead, your tablet fuming. Since you found floor, you've become "Premium user" Pinterest (Have you seen El cabinet?). Great. Inspire you to know how you like to decorate your home before going shopping is rebién, but whenever you have your feet on the ground. If you take the view of the little screen and see that you have mounted a castle in the air ... we must return to earth. Tell of 3 to 1, return to your bedroom and start to plan the perfect (and realistic) decoration. Let's go there? 3, 2, 1 ... wake up!


What are you telling?

You have good taste. Corroborate all your pins. But there is Mr. Budget fix the day and decide for yourself what stays and what goes on your shopping list. And if you have not taken Pasalabra pot, you take your pick. To not go wrong, follow this rule: "NO interim Invests in pieces". Which are? A good sofa, a good bed and a table and comfortable chairs really.

The sofa of Sighs

We not are talking about a sofa that will cause a Oh! but a! Ohhhhh! And that does not get a nice sofa (also) but a comfortable sofa. So do not guide the purchase view but that place where the back loses its chaste name. And very important: do not rush. Try it right. Sitting with your feet, stretched ... A sofa should be comfortable you use it as you use it. Here we help you choose the perfect sofa for your home and you.

The bed of your dreams

Do not skimp on expenses. A good mattress a good mattress and a good pillow. They are the winning trio.


The headboard you can change as often as you like, but a good team off costs money and it has to last you the next 10 years as the first day.

You will receive muuuuuuchas visits

Fixed. Whether you're going to live alone, as if you are going to be a couple. Be prepared to receive them. We do not mean to get a spectacular dishes or glasses to toast perfect, but you do with a table and comfortable chairs.

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For your day must be, of course, but also for large desktop. Prevents the last sip of coffee multiply the "Well, I'm going going me ..."While they are trying not to lose the lumbar to rise.

Indispensable low cost

  • Curtains. Some windows without curtains are ... definitely sad. Do not spend much money on them, because custom made are expensive, and if you transfer yourself from here at once, they will not serve you for your next home.
  • Lamps. No naked light bulb! Unless we speak of Edison comme il faut.
  • Accessories. The covers of the cushions, plaids, sheets ... You do not have much money you spend to get the look you like. In addition, it is better to be economic parts. So it will cost change as you change your taste.

Take advantage of the roll "RE"

It takes all recovered, recycled parts, restored ... takes advantage of this trend also low cost. Sees traces, ask your grandmother to let you rummage in your cellar, look at that piece that your mother was going to throw and give new life ... You give personality and warmth. But beware! one thing is a piece with history and another one made piece powder. Restore it if appropriate.

Want to give it character? 25% of your furniture are inherited, or handmade retro

mythical "taste of home"

Why in your kitchen you hear the wind whistling and hear your mother's on the cooker even if you are not cooking? It's a matter of giving life. Do some tricks? There they go. And they're very simple.

  • An greengrocer. Fill it with different seasonal fruits. It will add color and incidentally, will help you eat better.

  • Jars in sight. Three or four, equal and transparent, bringing more uses: pasta, rice, flour ...

  • Wooden utensils. Dan warmth for themselves and hand, are very practical.

  • Garden aromatic. Three small in the window or on a shelf pots, give life and will scent your kitchen.

Practice OMMMMM ...

Do not rush to fill your home with anything. Do not let them attack the horror vacui. It is better to leave a free wall for a month because they give the composition of pictures you like most, to earn the nickname "Queen Putty".

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