Blue has the power to calm, soothe and revitalize the mind. So calm, this blue envelope encourages start again.

Fernando Mainguyague explains why: "By incorporating both green and white, turquoise, besides the own harmony blue conveys the soothing power of green and intrinsic purity is white. It's like a cool and refreshing scent of smiles and dreams "he defines responsible for Ameron. The firm has chosen a turquoise hue inspired by the ocean this year to renovate the house. Bali is the Blue E595, a blue-green as bright as relaxing. Earn warmth with natural light and need to not be perceived distant and cold. And it is a brilliant aqua color, semiclaro and brings breadth, lightness and great depth to small spaces such as studies or bathrooms.

Combine it with ...

Different shades of blue, with green and white, create a peaceful atmosphere. To give life and contrast, it includes details in indigo or purple. And if you want a harmonious blend, bet on the combination of blue and orange, two complementary that create relaxing corners.

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