If you work at home you usually need a space that promotes concentration and protect your health. Follow our tips and win a space where to work more at ease.

ergonomic furniture

Choose a chair collect lumbar well and in which the legs and the back form a right angle. Forearms, wrists, and hands should be straight.

At eye level

It is where it should be the top edge of the screen to avoid eye fatigue or force posture. Your eyes should be about 40 cm away from the screen.

Good lighting

Put the computer perpendicular to the natural light, to prevent glare. Place the hose on the left if you're right and to the right if you're left-handed.

Tones and concentration

The color blue is associated with intelligence, inspiration and increased productivity. The green has a relaxing effect and promotes understanding.

Put plants

Varieties such as ivy or Diefembaquia have the ability to absorb radiation computer.

Eliminates gadgets and sleep better

Insomnia, headaches or chronic fatigue can be caused by the clock radio on the nightstand or the fact sleeping with the mobile side. These devices emit electromagnetic fields that inhibit production of melatonin, a hormone produced mainly at night and are crucial for cellular repair and regeneration of the body.

A healthy office according to Feng Shui

accompanied. If you work with someone else, sit at an angle. Will join in the energy fields harmoniously.

Natural wooden table. Promotes the natural flow of energy or chi. The composite wooden block it.

Of Cristal. Glass desks help work quickly. Removes traces of its surface daily.

Make room. Get rid of what you do not need and keep the desk in order. It is the key to work better.

The door. You never feel back to her. Avoid negative energies and deprotection.

Renews energy. With a bowl of water on the east side of the office. Fill it daily. If you get the sun, much better.

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