Who do you use the bathroom and when? What would you like to win it? If you and your family Coincidís at times, you can double sinks; and if you want more space, suspended toilets and faucets slim will be your allies.

Resistant, clean and very safe

They are the ones that are your priorities, what will sure win durability, hygiene and safety. Because new materials in coatings, furniture and sanitary, are prepared to moisture, easy cleaning and have treatments that make them slip, such as shower Safe Flight of Jacob Delafon.

Get more beauty and savings

And all without losing aesthetic and taking care of our pocketbook and the planet. Why choose either health or faucets can save up to 40% water. With fittings with flow or the dual flush toilets or interruption of casting.

heated towel rail wall

Did you know...?

The relining is one of the most expensive in the reform bath items. Instead of removing the tiles, smooth walls and retile you can choose to paint the old. With a boat satin enamel tile you can quickly transform the bathroom.

5 changes operating

1. more hygienic toilets

Synthetic sink, based quartz and resins are more hygienic because they have together. You save space with a multifunction toilet is also a bidet.

2. Faucets faster

In the shower, choose a thermostatic mixer, which reaches the desired temperature in less than 3 seconds and does not waste water to heat it. From 250 €.

3. Easy to maintain partition

Acrylic (cheaper) or glass (more resistant), the minimum profiles are reported to enhance transparency. Treatment with anti-scale maintenance is much easier.

4. Bath or shower?

Or both, if meters. Work, adapt to space, but are more expensive. Prefabricated are available in many sizes and can choose from acrylic or ceramic.

5. Combine coatings

Put ceramics in areas close to shower or bath and wood reserves face and delicately-more for transit zones. Win practicality and adjust the budget.

Reforms mini for less than 300 €

Install a heated towel rail

Ideal in bathrooms without heating, the most practical and quick to install are electric only they need a plug. There are also water and mixed.

They help you get hand towels and also the environment flare. Not occupy more space-what are the usual designs in vertically at the same time are very decorative. You find them from about 260 €, the most basic of just 90 cm.

Newer incorporate thermostat to regulate room temperature and radiator and can even be programmed. There are some that look like sculptures.

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Renews small accessories

Racks, towel racks, toilet paper holder, brushes .... Escógelos all of the same material so that it is coordinated. You find sets from € 100.

Better if they are made of wood or chrome, resistant to moisture. Choose models that do not have to stick to the tiles. There are with adhesive systems and windy, and also you can set with silicone. Take the opportunity to gain storage with shelves or hangers.

And the mirror changes a mirror framed by one without profiles. It will help you make sense of space. There are those that incorporate lighting, from € 160.

Debuts floor without works

You can install a vinyl floor on existing pavement without lifting. It is a recyclable material that also resists moisture.

You can choose a flat or a model reproduces the surface of the ceramic, wood or cement finish. From 4.50 € / m2. Pallets of driftwood, with click system are another option that is installed on the existing floor. In the bathroom, better synthetic.

There are also ceramic pieces that are placed without works or cements. The only requirement is that the ground is level.

Treat yourself to a hydromassage column

Simply install shower wall column instead of the old faucet. They are preassembled steel or glass panels that do not require works.

Most incorporate a thermostatic mixer setting temperature; an upper spray with rain, and other mobile; and adjustable to several heights, driving air and water jets at various pressures. Cost from 200 € the simplest.

Many spray nozzles and jets incorporate silicone prevent limescale and easier to maintain.

Lighting Upgrade

Change your bathroom lighting and look another. To install halogen lights need a false ceiling of plasterboard. Place and paint costs about 200 €.

Where do I put them? At the height of vanity and away from water areas. Let a distance 80 cm from halogens. Dichroic LED bulbs worth about 20 € / u.

To look good while you comb your hair or maquillas is the best thing refuerces lighting mirror with lights on the sides.

The dramatically enhances like new

You can paint their foreheads with moisture resistant varnish, change the doors, or even mirror coat them and, incidentally, will win your bathroom space and light.

If you want to renew it, there are models for less than 300 € offer dramatically enhances furniture, integrated hob and apply mirror included.

Replaces a dramatically enhances furniture to the floor several shelves (from € 15 / u) and baskets fibers for accessories.