If you like colorful flowers, perfume him home and are very easy to grow, the bulbs are your ideal plant. Here you will find how to plant them and keep them, and enjoy flowers, color and aroma throughout the year.

When to plant?

Between October and November autumn plant bulbs that will bloom in spring. They are: anemones, hyacinths, lilies, daffodils, buttercups and tulips, for example. There are those who begin to bloom in winter, and are snowdrops, cyclamen, the Dicentra, squill or muscari.

And between March and May, you should plant bulbs that will bloom in summer, as Azuzenas, begonias, dahlias, gladioli and freesias, among others. Even some will bloom until fall, as the amaryllis, autumn crocus or the nerine.

How to plant

If you buy bulbs, also rhizomes or tubers to cultivate you, keep in mind that are hard and have no holes. If you buy sprouted having better if you still have not bloomed. In this case, transplanting, carefully loosens the soil, separating the bulbs much trying not to break the roots and plant them again. Where? You can choose between:

Potted or garden

The land must be able to drain well water to avoid waterlogged and bulbs rot. If the plants in a garden, the ground is spongy. If potted plants, better if this is porous ceramic and has a hole to release excess water; If not, water the bulbs every two or three days without encharcarlos.

Some compost (peat, compost or manure) on earth help having a good bloom. And three times a year, put fertilizer: the first dose in the spring, and the last, when the summer ends.