It's time to sleep! For small house it is not always good news, but for the elderly is one of the undreamed times of the day. Because there is nothing better than a well-deserved rest right? Well, yeah, enjoy a tasteful, cozy and stylish bedroom. That's double prize!

That's why we have made a selection of furniture, accessories and details key to transform one bedroom magazine. Yes, this time playing a little stop dreaming ... and finally start to make those dreams come true. And Privalia makes it very easy with the top pieces that can not miss in your temple of relaxation. These are the basic principles for the bedroom that you deserve. Sweets and stylish dreams!

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SWEETS (and stylish) DREAMS

Decorate with bedding

Sheets, duvets, pillows and quadrants are also a canvas with which to decorate the bedroom. And if we choose a neutral color decor and give the bedding? It is a very good choice, because so you can change your bedroom Iook season or whenever you feel like.

night lights

We insist that proper lighting is key. And in the bedroom, even more. In addition to general lighting it is essential to think of point lights like a lamp on the dresser and on the nightstands, so when we want to create a relaxed atmosphere, reading in bed ...

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If the lamp nightstand is steerable or articulated much better: so you can direct the focus of light where you need it and will be much more comfortable.

Furniture making Nightwatching

Enter the bedroom should be something like entering a parallel dimension: the world of relaxation. Calm tones on white bulkier items, lots of wood, textures ... And why not a hint of sweetness? Commodes, tables and drawers in rustic chic etched or painted in soft colors like white or light gray wood create this relaxed atmosphere. In addition, this type of furniture fits bedrooms both adults and children.

Strolling through the clouds carpets for kids

The kids are attracted to the ground is no secret. What have to play? Down. What am I tired? Down. Hence the carpet is your best ally. In addition to isolating the cold in winter and heat in summer, carpets this selection of Privalia are most tasty and tender. Stars, clouds, light colors, pastel pink ... The practical and charming touch that can not miss in the room of the little ones! Best of all: can be washed in the washing machine at home. Who can resist them?

Gallery, 13 photos
SWEETS (and stylish) DREAMS

Do not miss the gallery in which you'll find a selection of the best of Privalia for stylish bedrooms and lots of inspiration to transform yours or your children in a space magazine.