How!? You have terrace and enjoy only a few months? Be careful, because if you hear someone less lucky, you may become your &# 39; occupies&# 39 ;. Okay, we do not say you leave with feather coat and you feel under the snow, but we do have some ideas to help you make your terrace in the spring, summer, autumn and in winter (from inside and out!).

And remember: Spring is here! So do not waste a single second and Hone your terrace. That of "I'll do it when you start the good weather" risks translate into "go, I have almost driven me over the summer and I have not yet finished tune the terrace". Here are the tips to enjoy the terrace all round.

1. Coldproof and heat

Same furniture, various accessories, especially the cushions and plaids. Only with this change you can extend the life on the terrace regardless of the seasons. In spring and summer, choose textile fabrics excitment as linen or cotton, and light colors that do not retain heat. And for the cold, seeking the warmth of wool, point and even hair fabrics. Think about it: on sunny days, you can not resist having coffee outside.

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2. Flowers and color also in the cold months

Where is it written that the only thing flowers are spring? Camellias, lantana, marigolds, alhelís, thoughts ... I will joy in the days of rain. These plants wear outside in the cold season with its bright colors. Put them in colorful pots and you'll create a striking and self-assured set.

3. Enjoy it in the light of the moon ... and candles!

Candles add warmth, creating a very pleasant atmosphere and magical atmosphere of intimacy. Standing torches, lanterns, candleholders or candlesticks ... Either choice is good.

Detail of candleholders with candles outside

The most important thing is to place them in groups to create lighting points depending on the different zones. Be sure to choose a safe candleholders to the outside to avoid accidents. And do not forget to put some citronella to keep mosquitoes away during the warmer months!

4. A view to your needs

"Sure, but my terrace overlooks the gray wall of the building opposite, "you say. No problem. Place a lattice and choose a climbing plant such as ivy and bougainvillea to stop seeing a wall. Of course, you'll have to wait a while to grow. Another option is bamboo, they are very hardy and require almost no maintenance.

5. transform it into a chill out

And dispenses with furniture! The key is to create a style chill out terrace, where everything happens at ground level. Put mattresses and lots of pillows of different sizes where you can lie to listen to music or enjoy pleasant evenings with friends. A good alternative to the cushions are -large poufs, small, round, square ...- because you can use them as a table or sit. Other items that can not be missed are the lanterns, rugs natural fiber or wood to go barefoot and a grassy area to lay on. If you do not want to have to be aware of your upkeep, you may choose one artificial. M2 sold and although there is nothing like the natural, new designs and give the trick is comfortable and soft touch. In Leroy Merlin you will find them for domestic use, from 14,90 € / m2.

6. For sunbathing and shade ...

Create a corner where you can lie to tan in summer, watch the flowers in spring, read with a plaid in autumn hot chocolate and a pleasant winter afternoon. A hammock or a chair are the most comfortable options. And do not forget that the natural fiber give a special warmth.

Semitoma of wicker chair on the terrace

7. Grow herbs

The idea is that you enjoy seeing how they grow and then give you some "benefit". Choose a corner and put a table with four or five pots. Lavender, thyme or basil, bring a fresh scent and invite you to come and relax. You can also grow oregano, mint and parsley to garnish your dishes.

8. Everything in order in a plis plas!

The key to doing thousand and one travel within home when the time comes to collect the terrace is to have some furniture to help you save.

Detail of wicker trunk open with cushions inside

A trunk, a small closet, a bench with storage ... keeps inside cushions, candles and anything that can be damaged if the weather stays, both in summer and winter.

9. Maintenance? the minimum

The terrace should give the less better job. Should be a place to enjoy, not to keep you enslaved slope, for example, hours of watering plants. In this sense, if you install an automatic irrigation you can stop worrying watering plants, even if you go on vacation. The most practical is to be programmable to adjust watering every moment of the year. And the furniture? The sun, cold, wind and rain, day after day, can spoil them. If you choose folding parts can more easily store when not in use.

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10. There is always room for a barbecue

Grilled vegetables, grilled meat, grilled fish ... sure makes you salivate thinking of the dishes that you prepare! If you do not have space for work, do not worry: there are free gas or electric of all sizes and prices models. In any case, place it in a corner where the fumes do not enter home nor disturb neighbors to avoid problems and ... bon appetit!