Unfortunately we do not have a magic wand to get from nothing more meters at home. But with good ideas and a little ingenuity we can stretch ... almost as if by magic. The first step? Take the tape measure And do numbers! Measure each corner, hollow or free wall section and the m2 unutilized points that you find at home. If you have between 1 and 3 m2 and desire to give it a use that space so far untapped, certainly among these seven proposals find good ideas that you can implement. You dare? ... if you can have it all!

Just 1 M2

Create a cupboard between pillars


A gap of 1 m wide and 30 cm deep enough to win a cabinet in the kitchen. He thinks what occupies most are dishes, which are between 25 and 28 cm in diameter. In this case, it planned top showcase for dishes which lightens the whole-, open as a fulcrum central area and a locker below, for tablecloths and table service or as a small pantry.

A study behind the door


Table 100 x 40 cm is more than enough to create an area for study or review papers. Here we have used the space behind the door to create a convenient desktop size and light: it consists of a shelf as a table and a chest of drawers which in turn serves as a bearing surface of the shelf. And all, in minimum space.

In 2 M2

A full hall in a recess

Decorator Paz Aguilar González has become a space 2 m2 between the entrance and the living room into a full hall. He thought of all the needs that you have to enter and leave home and: a mirror to see that also doubles the light; one shallow drawer storage cabinet from the keys to letters and several receipts; and a bank of 100 x 40 cm which also serves to store. And all in just 2 m2!

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A washing zone hidden in a closet

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The paneled washing machine, a bar for hanging clothes storage cabinets and a sink to treat stains. This washing area, designed by Javier Merediz, has everything you need to maintain perfect clothes. And best, in just 200 cm wide x 60 cm deep (necessary for the countertop and appliances). Folding doors conceal it from view and are very practical when opened, since no remaining space in the kitchen.

The perfect pantry in a corner of the kitchen


A corner of 200 x 100 cm is the space that has been allocated team Deulonder domestic architecture to create a complete pantry. Has a hanging bar (from sausages to kitchen gadgets), shelves for cans and packages, drawers rags and smaller, and slatted boxes with wheels on the bottom, perfect for the heaviest. And all in a 30 cm deep cabinet. Just wanted is power!

EN 3 m2

A workbench in the back of the sofa


Jeanette Trensig decorator has created an office area to share in the space between the back of the sofa and the wall. It consists of a recessed library, 100 x 40 cm -Perfect for computer-, and an iron table, very light. To add seats without losing space, "office" It comes complete with two ottomans that are stored under the table when not in use.

A kitchen in a front 3 meters


This kitchen has everything you need on a wall only 3 linear meters between the living room and dining room. Water area, oven and microwave, hob, recessed refrigerator and tall cabinets. Mercedes Postigo decorator, author of the reform, has taken the top and the sill to have everyday utensils by hand, hung on rods. The rest of the furniture is stored in the upper cabinets with glass fronts with matching colored walls.