You spent three days watching him sit light paint samples on the wall, you missed nothing short of resorting to virtual reality to choose each of the furniture in the room and when choosing curtains arrives, ¿ hang the first that put you ahead? Error!

Rushing is never good

No color, no pattern or type of restraint ... The first thing you should keep in mind to hit the curtains have actually little to do with them and thus maintain long hidden: the windows.


And it is that even the best coordinated falls can be a disaster if not take into account the light they have. He thinks that the windows facing north always receive less light than those at the south, so it is recommendable not very thick or dark cloth to remove more clearly not to stay. And, conversely, in south windows, you may need to opt for one that can block the most intense rays.

First of all, balance

Frequent, closely linked to the above error is placed just a little thin curtains in bright rooms. Although it seems a good idea to enhance the natural light in space, thinks that, like every day the sun rises (chipirón!), It also places and there are several times when the curtains are essential to protect our privacy prying eyes. Something that-more appropriate to suggest that esconder- can not guarantee transparency.

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10 DISASTERS you should avoid when choosing CURTAINS

In these cases, it is best to combine two layers: a translucent for the day and an opaque overnight. And while this will bring to mind those very classic draperies palace with tradition, do not suffer: there are many ways to do to fit in a modern style as, for example, by combining blinds or screens under the sheers, with louvered shutters, with flat panels like the Japanese ...

Not only decoration

Forget the mission of the curtains as elements that filter the light of a space can have catastrophic consequences, like not being able to sleep if your room is facing east and you decide on a fine falls or having to bury you under the pillow to put the nap if it is west.


Solution: whatever the chosen shade, do not forget to combine it with some fabric opaque fabric capable of blocking light, foscurit type also will help control the temperature inside the room.

Pulls out the tape measure And take action!

It may seem obvious but you would not be neither the first nor the last one falls short of the bar, or curtain rail custom, Whatever it is even worse - not measure carefully the window, or do PalmOS or &# 39; to eye&# 39 ;.

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Or even still having done no account to be added to the resulting figure minimum 30 cm on each side of the window to falls away, open comfortably and avoid the sides frames look.

The success formula

How is it possible that this fabric that looked rich and sumptuous in-or exhibition catalog photo of internet or your friend's house look ...- &# 39; emaciated&# 39; in our window? You may not blame the fabric itself but the -escasa- amount you've made the curtains.


To calculate the amount of tissue necessary for your curtains recommended multiply measurement gap to cover by 2 or 2.5 and even 3, in the case of the finos- sheers, depending on whether we want a more puckered effect or more lineal.Y not forget to add about 10 cm hemming sides.

lifting effect

Just as a skinny jeans with heels will lengthen the legs and one boyfriend cut the shortening (for that is very fashionable), where the bar put the curtains influences their final finish. Whatever measures or windows forms if cloths out from under the roof will be sleeker than if you put the support just above these.

As is the case with the width to the length of the curtains also it has to resort to mathematics: the fabric should be at least 35 cm more than the fall ready-made curtain. (To allow the upper clamp and hem). Keep that in mind if you do not want to end up looking like your wall has &# 39, a lug&# 39 ;. And, if you want to drag, add another 10 cm.

Matter of style

Did you fall from a tropical print fabric with a super-trend and now you see changing all the decoration of the room to fit? That's what is said to live in own meats the role that can acquire the patterned curtains, especially in colorful versions or with large motifs.

If you have not been a conscious decision, it is better to opt for plain fabrics and preferably light colored but also have the option of turning them into the spotlight of the room by lowering the impact of other elements with visual weight as the sofa or carpeting to avoid competing with each other.

Any fabric is not worth

Although tastes, colors -and estampados-, the most beautiful cloth in the world will not look like you expect it if you have a good fall, like providing linen fabrics, cotton or silk. On the other hand, these natural fibers have some drawbacks such as the tendency to shrink or discoloration action of the sun, in the case of the most intense colors.

Although it seems a dilemma, the solution is usually at the midpoint: choose a fabric with a certain amount of synthetic fiber that gives resistance to water and light to enjoy curtains as practical as decorative.

Coordinate, not smother

Use the same fabric especially estampada- curtains, draperies and any other items that you put a shot -see lampshades, cushions, etc. is not only outdated but get your living room, away of being &# 39; clothed&# 39 ;, prove nothing short of claustrophobia.


This does not mean that, for fear of mottled effect, we end up with such a neutral scheme that could end up being bland. Halfway between the two options, opt for curtains with some enhancement if your furniture is plain and sober or a flat in case of patterned fabrics although in any of the two cases, in a color palette that integrates the various elements.

Not end up hating them

Header curtains have a more or less elaborate roughly gathers -with visual component, but also one ...- purely functional: ensuring that falls slide smoothly.

Gallery, 12 photos
10 DISASTERS you should avoid when choosing CURTAINS

Seeks to keep this in mind before decantarte the loops or fold without the same curtain fabric, especially in the case of thicker and difficult to operate. This type of finishing works with fine curtains and windows that do not often opened frequently, although for the day are preferable eyelets, rings or hooks can be handled easily from the ground, either with the same shade or a bar for it.

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